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Images: Japanese anime features Vancouver, Stanley Park in episode

Did they do a good job?

While Vancouver often depicts other places, a Japanese animated show features Vancouver as itself.

In episode 20 of Undead Unluck, which was recently released on Disney+ in Canada, characters visit Vancouver (specifically Stanley Park) in search of another character.

Most of the episode takes place in the park, around a bench along the seawall not far from the Brockton Point Lighthouse.

While the close-up shots focus mostly on the non-specific bench at Hallelujah Point, the art closely matches what the seawall and path look like in that area.

There are lots of Vancouver details in establishing shots and in the background, as the city's waterfront is the backdrop for much of the episode.

Lots of details in the drawings are correct, though the scale is sometimes off. For example, the overhead shots of Stanley Park make it and the Lions Gate Bridge appear a little smaller than they are. 

That said, the show nails the view from Hallelujah Point looking back towards the city. They didn't just get the well-known buildings right (like the Canada Place sails, the Harbour Centre Tower and the conference centre), but many of the other buildings are pretty close to the actual Coal Harbour waterfront, like the Marine Building peeking through, the Rogers (formerly Shaw) Tower and the Pinnacle Hotel.

The bird's eye view of Stanley Park is also well detailed, with Beaver Lake, Lost Lagoon, roads and structures all in there (it's hard to tell if it's the Vancouver Aquarium that they drew, but there's a building in the right spot).

Shots of the Brockton Point Lighthouse and Coal Harbour may have used Google Maps to get everything right, as even the water in the lagoon appears to match the online map.

While the initial scenes have plenty of Vancouver in the background, a later shot of the characters flying away in the plane appears to delete the surrounding area, as the ocean around Stanley Park is suddenly void of anything, including the city and mountains.