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Interesting Vancouver Presents - Episode3 with Jonathan Tippett


The third episode of the podcast Interesting Vancouver Presents has been released, a series of interviews with ordinary Vancouverites leading extraordinary lives. This episode found host David Swanson in conversation with artist, engineer, clean energy activist and robot builder, Jonathan Tippett.

Tippett graduated from UBC Mechanical Engineering in 1999 and has worked in the fields of marine hydraulics, fuel cells and neurovascular implants since. In 2007, he co-founded the eatART Foundation, an educational art research laboratory with a 3000sqft R&D space in Vancouver, supporting artists who use engineering to educate the public about clean energy technology. He co-hosted his own Discovery Channel series, co-owns and operates a pottery studio, and has developed a personal artistic practice that explores relationships between humans, machines, energy, and physical skills at extreme scales. His first major piece, The Mondo Spider, a 750lb rideable mechanical spider, has been exhibited internationally. His current project is Prosthesis: The Anti-Robot, a 2 story tall, 4-legged high-performance mech. He’s been tinkering with it for the past 4 years – he swears it’ll be complete by 2016.

The Interesting Vancouver team is hard at work finalizing plans for the 2015 edition scheduled for November 6th at SFU Woodward's. Recently we launched our DoShop hands on learning series and announced the Interesting Vancouver Prize, where people can nominate the most Interesting Vancouverite they know for recognition and a CASH PRIZE!