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Comedian Jim Gaffigan tweets Vancouver rain troll poll

While locals may be used to Vancouver's endless rain (but still love to moan about it), it can definitely throw off a visitor, like it did Jim Gaffigan this week.

Hey, did you know it rains a lot in Vancouver? It does. There's even a websites devoted to Raincouver's rain: "Is it raining in Vancouver?"

While locals may be used to it (but still love to moan about it), it can definitely throw off a visitor, especially if they're here on vacation.

 Jim Gaffigan (Ron Adar / Gaffigan (Ron Adar /

Comedian Jim Gaffigan was in the Vancouver area earlier this week, and quite possibly for a bit of a getaway. So he gave us all a thoughtful Vancouver rain Twitter poll:

Gaffigan was tweeting from North and West Vancouver (including eating or thinking about eating some French Onion soup in North Vancouver--Burgoo in North Van would have been a good choice) and also the Sunshine Coast. And we definitely saw our fair share of rain over the weekend, including Saturday's huge thunder and lightning episode.

Curiously, with just a couple of days left in his cheeky poll, it seems Gaffigan's Twitter followers are overwhelmingly in favour of "mist then raining hard."

And, like a typical Canadian, I'll offer apologies on behalf of Vancouver, the North Shore, and the Sunshine Coast for our weather. (We hate it, too.) Sorry, Jim! Come back in the summer, when it's just "slight chance of rain" in the forecast.