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‘Better than Toronto’: Kali Uchis praises Vancouver at concert

The performance left many fans awestruck.

Popular R&B and soul singer Kali Uchis praised Vancouver at her concert Tuesday night (May 23). 

The songstress is on tour in support of her latest album, Red Moon in Venus, with Raye opening most shows, including Vancouver. 

With a Toronto date behind her, Uchis revealed that Vancouver is better than its east coast rival. "I think you guys are better than Toronto," she told the audience.

@hanaclchan Y'ALL HEARD WHAT QUEEN KALI SAID 🤣 Vancouver >>> #kaliuchis #kaliuchistour #redmooninvenus #redmooninvenuskaliuchis #vancouver #vancouverbc ♬ original sound - Hana

The performance left many fans awestruck. 

"Respectfully, Kali Uchis is one of the hottest people I’ve ever seen in my life," shares one Vancouver local on Twitter. Another says in a TikTok video that they've "been blessed."


@hironolover28 she said vancouver is better than toronto 😭🤭 #redmooninvenus #kaliuchis #kaliuchistour #vancouverbc ♬ original sound - lou
@peanuteileena dead to me, kali uchis in vancouver ❤️‍🩹 her dancers ate 🤞🏻 #deadtome #kaliuchis #redmooninvenus #redmooninvenuskaliuchis #vancouver ♬ original sound - eileena 🤍