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Watch: SZA fan kicked out of Vancouver concert for doing the worm

People booed as he was escorted out
A man was kicked out of the SZA concert for doing the worm before the show even started.

A fan reportedly had a little too much fun at the SZA concert in Vancouver last night before the show even started.

A video posted to TikTok shows a man doing the worm and twerking in the aisle of Rogers Arena as the crowd cheers. Audience members on the floor stand on their chairs and record the dancer, clapping, and waving their arms in support. However, the video cuts out as the man is escorted out.

Two guards from Genesis security escort the man out while the previously excited crowd boos and yells their disappointment.

"The safety of our fans is our number one priority at Rogers Arena," says a spokesperson for the organization in an emailed statement. 

"During all of our events, it is essential that we keep our aisles clear in order for fans to move seamlessly and especially for our hosts to help support anyone who needs assistance in a timely manner. Unfortunately, when fans do not comply after being asked multiple times, they are asked to leave the building."

In a comment under the TikTok video, a person claiming to be the dancer says he was able to sneak back into the concert but not to his assigned seat.

"But it's fine," says the comment, "omg love y’all fr."

So far, the video has over 26,000 views and over a 100 comments.

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