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'Rest In Power': Vancouver fans react to Lance Reddick's death

"Deep respect for his incredible acting chops"
Lance Reddick, known for his roles on "The Wire" and the "John Wick" movies, and seen in Vancouver while filming several TV shows, passed away at the age of 60 years old.

Vancouverites are saddened at the news of Lance Reddick's recent death. 

The actor, known for his work on HBO's The Wire and the John Wick movies, passed away Friday, March 17, at 60 years old. TMZ reports that his body was found at his Studio City home around 9:30 a.m. and that the cause of his death appears to be natural. 

Reddick had visited Vancouver on several occasions for work, including the TV show Fringe where he played Agent Broyles and, most recently, Percy Jackson and the Olympians as the Greek god Zeus. 

Rest in Peace Lance Reddick. A legend. Deep respect for his incredible acting chops," writes one Vancouverite on Twitter, while another shares that "he was one of my fave actors, especially for his voice work. RIP to a legend."

Reddick is also popular among Destiny fans, who paid a tribute to his character in the video game. 

The actor voiced Commander Zavala for nine years and was the longest and most-used voice cast member of the series. His voice has become synonymous with the game for many players, including those in Vancouver.