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'Cries in Canadian': Locals react to Taylor Swift snubbing Vancouver on Eras Tour

We are not okay.
It's official, Taylor Swift isn't coming to Canada.

The day Vancouver Swifties have been waiting for is finally here, and it's not the outcome any of us wanted.

On Tuesday, June 20, Taylor Swift announced more International tour dates for her wildly popular "Eras Tour," and, unlike previous tour date announcements, she didn't say "more to come." The pop star added dozens of dates in Asia and Europe, having previously announced dates in Mexico and South America.

We analyzed, we reasoned, we begged and prayed but (so far) it's official, she isn't coming to Canada.

Among the cities Swift will visit are Tokyo, Melbourne, Sydney, Paris, Lisbon, Stockholm, Madrid, and London, leaving fans in all Canadian cities in the lurch. 


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Vancouver locals, and indeed the rest of Canada, took to Twitter to share their dismay over the decision to snub our country. We can't say it any better than what's trending: "Cries in Canadian," "Canadian Swifites," and "WHERE IS CANADA."

European holiday anyone?