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Updated: Swifties need to know - Will Taylor Swift's Eras Tour stop in Vancouver?

Might as well go down the rabbit hole while we wait.
Taylor Swift is currently working her way through the U.S. leg of her Eras tour which she promises will have international dates, will Vancouver be included?

UPDATE NOV 2, 2023: Taylor Swift announced three Vancouver Eras Tour concert dates for December 2024. Read more HERE.

There's nothing Taylor Swift fans love more than an Easter egg. Give them a hint of a secret message, a conspiracy theory, or something to decode and Swifties are all over it.

So, it's no surprise, as they (we) anxiously await the announcement of international tour dates, that they would take matters into their own hands and try to determine where Swift might be playing next once she completes her current U.S. performances.

What is the likelihood of a Vancouver show? Let's break it down:

Seattle vs. Vancouver

Taylor Swift has been on five international tours; her current Eras tour is her sixth. Of her five previous tours, she came to Vancouver for three of them: Speak Now, Red, and 1989.

Swift skipped Vancouver during the Fearless tour, her first ever, and the Reputation Stadium tour, but she did play multiple other Canadian cities and Seattle.

Was Vancouver left off the list because she was already playing Seattle? Perhaps. There were already some artists who will either play Vancouver or Seattle for their west coast shows. 

Swift played Vancouver during the Speak Now and Red tours and skipped Seattle but she played both during 1989. So overall it's hard to tell if we can bank on a Vancouver show given that the Eras tour is coming to Seattle.

Swift had another scheduled concert tour, Lover Fest, that was cancelled due to COVID and Canada wasn't included in any of the dates announced back in September 2019. Lover Fest included four U.S. shows, seven European shows, and one show in Brazil.

@jaimesversion I know this probably isn’t true, but the UK/Europe rumours are stressing me out #swifttok #swiftie #taylorswift #theerastour #canadianswiftie #taylorswifttour ♬ original sound - Elizabeth (Taylor's Version)

Does Canada count as "international"?

Additionally, previous Vancouver tour dates weren't necessarily considered part of the international tour. In some cases, Canadian shows were announced at the same time as the U.S. dates as part of a North American leg.

For Red and 1989 (the last time Swift performed in Vancouver) the Canadian shows were performed concurrently with the U.S. ones based on proximity.

However, Swift also performed significantly fewer shows in the last two tours. Reputation had 53 shows, only six of which were outside of North America and Canadian fans are adamant that Swift won't neglect her fans north of the border.

@kimlytruong Miss Taylor has said it HERSELF. She is a very smart business woman and she missed us so much!! She wouldn’t forget her canadian swifties. #tstheerasttour #taylorswift #internationaltour #canada #canadianswiftie #erastour #swiftie ♬ original sound - kimly (taylor’s version)

Would BC Place be booked already?

BC Place is the largest venue in Vancouver (capacity 54,500) and the one that Swift performed at on her last two visits. Still, its size doesn't come close to the capacity of some of the arenas she has performed at so far during the Eras tour. For example, Raymond James Stadium in Tampa holds 75,000 and NRG Stadium in Houston holds 72,220 fans. 

If Swift was to come to Vancouver BC Place is the only logical venue choice and would be booked by now (which means if she is coming someone is walking around Vancouver with a very big secret).

Swiftie super fans online believe that she is performing in the U.K. and Australia based on arena bookings and if we look at the BC Place calendar there are a few gaps in October where Swift could easily fit in a show or two. Some fans think she's more likely to visit in mid to late 2024 and BC Place has yet to reveal next year's calendar of events.

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Why haven't the dates been announced yet?

Many fans are begging to be put out of their misery: Is Taylor Swift coming to Canada or isn't she?

International fans were promised an announcement in early 2023 (the initial dates were announced in November 2022) but the Ticketmaster disaster and subsequent hearing may have altered that plan and it's likely that the Taylor Nation team is strategizing how best to accommodate the demand. ive never been more ready in my whole life 🫡🫡 #greenscreen #taylorswift #swifttok #taylorsversion #toronto #canada #theerastour ♬ Anti-Hero - Taylor Swift
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