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This Vancouverite made Time's '100 Most Influential People' list and it isn’t Ryan Reynolds

He attended the same high school and improv group as Seth Rogen.
Nathan Fielder (third from right) attended the same high school improv comedy group as Seth Rogen (right) at Point Grey Secondary School.

Time magazine revealed this year's "100 Most Influential People" list on April 13 and while a Vancouverite did make the cut, it wasn't Ryan Reynolds. 

Nominated by The Curse co-star Emma Stone, Vancouver-born comedian, actor, writer, and director Nathan Fielder appears in the list's "Innovators" category. 

Fielder is best known for his TV series Nathan for You which debuted on Comedy Central in 2013 and has credits on The SimpsonsBob's Burgers, and Rick and Morty.

Stone shares that she watched the Vancouverite achieve a "staggering feat" while working on their new show in which he directed, wrote, produced, and acted all while editing The Rehearsal

"He's a truly amazing actor. He could burst into tears or a fit of rage out of nowhere," she says. "But our relationship isn't super gushy, so please don't tell Nathan I said any of this." 

Fielder grew up in Vancouver and was a student at Point Grey Secondary School where he performed in the same high school improv group as Seth Rogen. 

In 2015 he founded the not-for-profit company Summit Ice, committing to donate 100 per cent of profits to the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre. 

Vancouver was featured in another Time magazine list last month which rounded up some of the "world's greatest places".