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National Geographic to bring special explorers events to Orpheum Theatre

Want to really get the wanderlust going?

Are you a cash-strapped explorer? Aspiring wildlife photographer? Couch potato looking to see the world from a comfortable seat?

National Geographic Live is coming to town with a trio of events at the Orpheum Theatre to transport people from downtown Vancouver to the wilds of India, the peaks of mountains, and undersea worlds teaming with life.

Each show is hosted by filmographers and photographers who've explored the regions and become experts in the flora, fauna and geography of each.

The first event is coming up on May 9, when the team of David Doubilet and Jennifer Hayes share their images and experiences in the waters of Kimbe Bay in Papua New Guinea. The bay is a biodiversity hotspot with hundreds of different types of fish, along with an important coral reef still relatively safe from the worldwide coral die-off.

The event will also explore the Gulf of St. Lawerence with whales and seals, and what lies beneath the Antarctic ice.

The second event isn't until Sept. 12, when climber and adventure writer Mark Synnott visits. While he's got many firsts to his name, nowadays he helps scientists research remote and difficult-to-access spots in the world with his talent and expertise.

On Oct. 24 Sandesh Kadur will come to town for the third event, a look at the wild cats of India. While many know the tigers of India, Kadur, a filmmaker and photographer, has explored and captured images of some of the rarer and less famous cats in the subcontinent's jungles, including clouded leopards, snow leopards, the fishing cat, and Pallas's cat.

National Geographic Live

Where: Orpheum Theatre, 601 Smithe St., Vancouver

Cost: $43-$64 after fees

When: 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

May 9 — Coral Kingdoms and Empires of Ice

Sept. 12 — Life on the Vertical

Oct. 24 — Wild Cats of India

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