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Discover the world of bats at this spooktacular Vancouver event

Entitled "Nocturnal: Bats from the Cowan Tetrapod Collection," the Vancouver event will showcase bats found in B.C. and some odd ones from around the world.

 Pipistrelle bat flying in darkness / ShutterstockPipistrelle bat flying in darkness / Shutterstock

As the only mammals capable of true and sustained flight, bats are an anomaly of the animal kingdom.

Further, the majority of these winged creatures live in utter darkness, and are one of only a few animals that use echolocation to navigate.

In celebration of the coolest night critter, as well as the Halloween season, the Beaty Biodiversity Museum will host an all-ages event on Thursday, Oct. 17.

Entitled "Nocturnal: Bats from the Cowan Tetrapod Collection," the event will showcase bats found in southwestern B.C. and some weird ones from around the world.

Chris Stinson, Curatorial Assistant of Mammals, will bring out all the species of bat the Beaty has to offer. These will include everything from from tiny yellow bats to giant flying foxes and even British Columbia’s largest, the Hoary Bat.

There will be a short talk about the general biology, amazing abilities, and conservation of these fascinating creatures of our nighttime world. Stinson will also be on hand for any "batty" questions.

Not usually on display, the event offers a rare chance to explore a wide variety of the mysterious creatures up close and personal.


  • 5:30pm – Raising Big Blue
  • 6:00pm- Explore our Bats
  • 7:00pm – Museum Tour

The South Coast Bat Conservation Society will also be on site to answer any bat questions and to provide a presentation on hibernation and White-nosed Syndrome.

Nocturnal: Bats from the Cowan Tetrapod Collection

When: Thursday, Oct. 17 from 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Where: Beaty Biodiversity Museum, Vancouver UBC Campus 2212 Main Mall, Vancouver

Cost: By donation after 5 p.m.

Find out more information about the event here.