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This North Vancouver home will be so lit for Christmas you can see it from Coal Harbour

Illuminated with thousands of holiday lights, will home will be a beacon of hope, and a fundraising opportunity, during the Christmas season.

You know that story about the Christmas star? Well, Vancouver's got a legendary star, too, only ours hails from the North... North Vancouver, that is.

The star in question is actually part of a Christmas lights display on a family home in North Vancouver that will once again shine very, very brightly in December.

 North Vancouver Christmas Lights for Charity/North Vancouver Christmas Lights for Charity/Facebook

Illuminated with thousands of holiday lights, the Ribalkin/Viau family will once again use their house as a beacon of hope, and a fundraising opportunity, during the Christmas season.

Located at 4967 Chalet Place, the house has been lit by the Ribalkin/Viaus every Christmas since 2010--and they've raised $65,252.38 and 769 bags of groceries to date.

This year, not only will the star have more visibility (thanks to some trees the neighbours cut down, the star will be able to be seen at many points from Coal Harbour and Stanley Park), but also the goal is to raise more money than before.

"Last year, the display raised $18,472.22 and  182 bags of groceries," said John Ribalkin. "This year, we hope to hit $25,000."

This year, the family will give 100% of the proceeds to three charities; the Harvest Project and Shriners Cares for Kids return from previous years, while they've added the BC Epilepsy Society for 2017.

Visitors to the home can expect to see lights all over--the roof, driveway, gutters, gardens, and more--along with illuminated displays on the property, and that stunner of a star.

"The star hangs 86 feet in the air on ropes attached to trees, with no nails used,” said homeowner Aurore Viau. "Every line on the star is 20-feet long."

"Opening night" is set for December 2 at 6:30 pm, and the lights will be on until 11 pm. After that, the lights will be on nightly from 5:30 to 11 pm through January 1, 2018. You can donate online here.