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There's going to be an umbrella-sharing service in Vancouver

You won't even be charged if you break yours.

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We've all heard of ride-sharing programs, but right now an umbrella-sharing program takes the cake.

UmbraCity, created by Amir Entezari and Babak Assadsangabi, offers automated kiosks so you can borrow umbrellas when it's raining. The service was tested at UBC and given its success, its creators plan on expanding to downtown Vancouver. The website says there will be thousands of umbrellas at over 20 kiosks around corporate buildings, campuses, and shopping districts.

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After registering online people will get 24 hours of unlimited rentals. Fees are low; $2 will be charged to your credit card. No worries to anyone who breaks theirs since they can still return it without paying additional costs. You will be charged for returning yours late or for losing one.

What's also convenient is that registering is simple since you can do it at a kiosk or online.