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There are four fabulous galleries that you can visit this week to support your local arts communities and artists as well as acquire some original art.

There are four fabulous galleries that you can visit this week to support your local arts communities and artists as well as acquire some original art. The first week of December is all about Editions! Numbered, proofs, special, unique, collaborative, monographs, the potential of the edition in Vancouver is well...unlimited!

Starting within a historical context the first place you should visit is the Charles H. Scott Gallery on Granville Island. Currently on exhibit at the gallery is a show put together in collaboration with the Whitechapel Gallery in London. Aspen Magazine 1965-1971 is an exhibition that features complete sets of all of the issues of the magazine. Aspen Magazine was a multimedia magazine that was a hybrid of interesting and unique objects, films, poetry, writing, philosophy, photography and more. The magazine had an illustrious roster of contributors during its run: J.G. Ballard, Andy Warhol, Willem de Kooning, David Hockney, Allan Kaprow, Bill Evans, the Velvet Underground, Yoko Ono and many more! The exhibition runs until February 8th, but it is an excellent starting point if you want to better understand artist editions and gain a bit of historical context. As stated in the exhibition release:

Aspen broke new ground in terms of its editorial concept, design approach and distribution strategy, which continues to be resonant and influential today.

One does not have to go that far to see the magazine's influence. The bookshop attached to the gallery READ books is an award-winning bookstore that houses an eclectic array of artist monographs, editions, magazines and catalogues. Once you've explored the exhibition, hand-pick your own editions to take home, you can carry them in a new book bag artist edition by Vancouver-based artist Myfanwy Macleod that is also available at READ books.

Aspen Magazine 1965 - 1971   | Charles H. Scott Gallery & READ Books   |  1399 Johnston St.

The next destination you should head to this week: Grunt Gallery. In addition to their 30th Anniversary Programming which, as Grunt has always been, is focused on Community, the artist run centre has invited artists Sonny Assu and Lorna Brown to create "social objects".  These are a series of artist editions that have been designed to circulated in the myriad of bars and restaurants of Mount Pleasant where Grunt is also based. Brown has created a refillable beer growler, and Assu has created a series of coasters that act as miniature portraits and tributes to the people of Mount Pleasant. How apt that these great little gems should be put into circulation in an area of Vancouver known as The Brewery District, we look forward to spotting them in and around Main.

In the words of Assu.

Inspired by the everyday, beautiful people of Main Street. People I’ve met over my years of living in Mount Pleasant and the people I’ve met through my involvement at the Grunt. Grunt has shown me tremendous love and support over the years, and it was an honour to be able to give something back. Something beautiful. Something funny. Something that I hope inspires a conversation between strangers and a “cheers” amongst pals.

Get over to Mount Pleasant to support Grunt and it's artists. Make sure to check out Julia Feyrer's exhibition which is also a three-month residency at Grunt. The artist has used "The Kitchen" as a communal and metaphorical art hearth that explores Grunt's archive, media gallery and exhibition spaces. Read more about Grunt's 30th Anniversary Celebration here:


A short walk down the road onto East 1st Avenue will lead you to Winsor Gallery where you will find an exhibition that is titled The Edition.  Opening on Thursday night this week (6-8pm), The Edition celebrates the artwork of five of Winsor Gallery's finest: Fiona Ackerman, Bill Anderson, Brian Howell, Bradley Harms and Gary Pearson. Recent works by all of these artists will be on display in the East Gallery along with the special limited edition collectors portfolio that is being launched on the same evening. This portfolio features one work by each artist. Photography, collage, composites and etchings are all part of the edition, the collection of works is impressive! There are only 15  copies of The Edition, each beautifully presented portfolio box contains a print by each of the five exhibiting artists. A beautiful way to start a collection and support five artists at once!


The final destination this week on your artist edition journey will be The Western Front for their annual craft fair and fundraiser TOQUE. Happening this Friday and Saturday, the fair showcases artist editions, ceramics, jewelry, books, and eco-fashion. Artist Casey Wei has designed the Front's annual limited edition tea towel.  There will be no shortage of beautiful things to look at, or quirky objects to pontificate over. All proceeds go to the participating artists as well as towards the Western Front's annual Holiday Membership Drive, the sales directly support the Front's year-round art and music programs.

Get out and support your community!

Start collecting, create your own personalized portfolio of all of your acquired editions!