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Possible Peter Pan movie set constructed in Richmond

A giant pirate ship forms part of the large set on the south arm of the Fraser River in southeast Richmond

A giant movie set in a remote part of Richmond is piquing the curiosity of some local residents.

Near Riverport Way and Triangle Road – close to Silvercity Cinema – the set features a pirate ship surrounded by a massive wall of white.

Rumours are that a remake of Peter Pan is being filmed, given that Disney is known to be filming the children’s classic fairy tale in the Vancouver area this spring.

Richmond resident Stevie G LaRocca spotted the set going up a couple of weeks ago and watched as it grew quickly in the days ahead.

The movie, if it is indeed Peter Pan, will be called “Peter Pan and Wendy” and will star Alexander Molony as the flying teenager and Ever Anderson (Milla Jovovich's daughter) as Wendy.

Co-stars will be Jude Law, Ever Anderson, Yara Shahidi, Alexander Molony and Alyssa Wapanatâhk.

Law will play Captain Hook, Gaffigan will be Smee and Shahidi will be Tinkerbell.

According to a recent Disney press release, principal photography will be shot in Vancouver.

The release also doesn't give much information on the plot, other than it's "J. M. Barrie’s novel 'Peter and Wendy' and inspired by the 1953 animated classic", so it's uncertain whether it'll follow as closely to the animated film as the live-action Lion King or vary more like the Mulan live-action remake.

It's shooting under the name "Bonfire," according to a production list from the Director's Guild of Canada. Originally the film was slated to be shot last year, but the pandemic delayed things.

The film will be released on Disney+ in 2022, according to the film studio.

-With files from Vancouver Is Awesome