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'The smiles on their faces were overwhelming': Ryan Reynolds gifts kids' sports team 'Deadpool'-themed uniforms (PHOTOS)

"They obviously fell in love with it," says the team's owner.

Vancouver's favourite actor was hailed the "true" Prince of Wales earlier this year.

Ryan Reynolds is often praised for his generosity. He even won an award for his dedication to philanthropy. 

The actor co-owns the Welsh soccer club Wrexham AFC with Rob McElhenney, and was compared to Welsh royalty following a donation to another Wrexham soccer team. 

The U-12 futsal team FC United of Wrexham received a surprise donation of £1,600 from Reynolds after he found out that the team was raising money for new kits. His donation is more than triple the club's goal.

The children's sports club received their new gear in April, and the team's owner Andrew Ruscoe shared photos of the uniforms with V.I.A. 

"The boys received it this week and they obviously fell in love with it," says Ruscoe. "They were coming out with comments like 'this is mint' and 'the kits are amazing' – the smiles on their faces were overwhelming."

The purple kits feature a small Deadpool logo on the sleeve to honour Reynolds' contribution. 

Ruscoe notes that the money earned through both the fundraising page and Reynolds' donation is a catalyst in "life-changing opportunities" for the young players, who hope to play in the Uefa Futsal Champions League in Europe. 

"What they've done is really transformed a town and given us hope," remarks Ruscoe of Reynolds' and McElhenney's contributions to Wrexham. He adds that it "especially [gave] us FC United of Wrexham, and the youngsters that we support, loads of hope for the future."

The team shared a group photo donning the purple kits with the Vancouver celebrity, who replied with "Awwwwww. Love this." 

Ryan Reynolds loves the new purple kits just as much as the U-12 futsal team. Andrew Ruscoe