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Ryan Reynolds finally confirms Rob Delaney's 'Deadpool 3' return

The Vancouver actor previously addressed the rumours but didn't confirm or deny them.
Vancouver-born actor Ryan Reynolds confirms Rob Delaney's return to 'Deadpool 3' as Peter in a wholesome tweet.

Another cast member is confirmed for the third Deadpool movie.

In February, Vancouver-born actor Ryan Reynolds donned his superhero suit to address rumours that Rob Delaney, who plays Peter in Deadpool 2, will return for the upcoming threequel - which he didn't actually confirm.

A few months later on May 1, Reynolds finally affirmed Delaney's return in Deadpool 3, writing "SugarBear!!!!!" on Twitter alongside a Deadline article reporting the news. 

The sequel's mutant team X-Force is slowly coming together as Delaney's character Peter joins Deadpool and his recently confirmed sidekick and roommate. T.J. Miller, who is cast as Weasel, will make a return too. 

The upcoming movie also features Deadpool newcomers Emma Corrin, Matthew Macfayden, and Hugh Jackman who will renew his role as Wolverine.