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Super Neighbours: DEW Tour AM Series at Sun Peaks

Welcome to the latest in our Super, Neighbours series of blog posts where we highlight incredible travel destinations in British Columbia! Last week I headed over to Sun Peaks , near Kamloops, BC, for the DEW Tour AM Series .

Last week I headed over to Sun Peaks, near Kamloops, BC, for the DEW Tour AM Series.

What is that you ask?

The DTAS is put on by Mountain Dew and is primarily a ski and snowboard amateur slopestyle competition, but their goal was to create an event that was as equally action-packed on the slopes as it was in the village.

Competition, giveaways, DJs, and a topping it all off, a free concert from The Sheepdogs.

Check out how it went down:

Welcome to the latest in our Super, Neighbours series of blog posts where we highlight incredible travel destinations in British Columbia!

The DTAS was a two-day event in Sun Peaks, at the bottom of the Sundance Express Chairlift on March 27th and 28th and saw riders from all over Canada competing for a $20,000 cash purse split evenly between the men and the women.

march292014-mcavoy-0004 march292014-mcavoy-0009 march292014-mcavoy-0014 march292014-mcavoy-0027 march292014-mcavoy-0028

The morning saw sunshine, and the ladies ski and snowboard finals with some big air, and crazy tricks. Then in the afternoon they moved on to the men's ski/snowboard finals as the snow started to fall on the spectators that made the climb up the mountain to see the riders.

march292014-mcavoy-0034 march292014-mcavoy-0035 march292014-mcavoy-0038 march292014-mcavoy-0043 march292014-mcavoy-0049 march292014-mcavoy-0054 march292014-mcavoy-0057

US Olympian, pro snowboarder, and newest member of the DEW team, Scotty Lago (below) was also on hand throughout the day and signed autographs for many of the fans watching in the village at Sun Peaks.

march292014-mcavoy-0067 march292014-mcavoy-0069

Finally the time came to announce the winners in each of the categories, with the first place winners also taking home a VIP trip to the Dew Tour. The winners were as follows:


Women's Ski Finalists:

1.     Anouk Purnelle-Faniel

2.     Cassie Sharpe

3.     Emma Whitman



Men's Ski Finalists:

1.     Max Moffat

2.     Mark Hendrickson

3.     Austin Karker



Women's Snowboarding Finalists:

1.     Molly Milligan

2.     Brianna Strangeland

3.     Jenna Blasman



Men's Snowboarding Finalists:

1.     Darcy Sharpe

2.     Mats Kulisek

3.     Max Melvin-McNutt

The night was capped off with a free concert at the base of the mountain from bands: Old Man Canyon, and The Sheepdogs, who flew in from Winnipeg and The Junos just for the show!

Old Man Canyon:

march292014-mcavoy-0084 march292014-mcavoy-0087 march292014-mcavoy-0090 march292014-mcavoy-0092

The Sheepdogs:

march292014-mcavoy-0113 march292014-mcavoy-0125

march292014-mcavoy-0118march292014-mcavoy-0137 march292014-mcavoy-0141 march292014-mcavoy-0144 march292014-mcavoy-0149 march292014-mcavoy-0153

Thanks go out to Mountain DEW for a great trip and lots of excitement, and to Sun Peaks for being an amazing host, and venue!