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Ryan Reynolds’ colonoscopy video wins international award

The video was nominated in several categories.
Ryan Reynolds' colonoscopy video won a 2023 Webby Award in the Video Public Service & Activism category.

Remember when Ryan Reynolds shared footage from his colonoscopy on the internet? That video has now won an international award. 

The Vancouver-born celebrity and fellow Wrexham FC owner Rob McElhenney released the video on Sept. 13 with Lead from Behind as part of a campaign to encourage men to get screened for colon cancer.

Apparently, Reynolds' trip to the medical centre is the result of losing a bet with McElhenney over the latter's ability to learn Welsh. 

The video won a Webby Award in the Video Public Service & Activism category (it was nominated for the Social Public Service & Activism category too).

Lead From Behind also earned the title of Webby Honoree.

"Thank you to everyone who voted for us and continues to support us," shared the colon cancer awareness organization on social media. "We're on a mission to make colon cancer famous!"