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The Do604 x Vancouver Is Awesome Weekly Playlist

Need an easy way to make plans this week? Our newest playlist is what you need. Every one of these bands are playing in Vancouver this week.

Need an easy way to make plans this week? Our newest playlist is what you need. Every one of these bands are playing in Vancouver this week. Like what you hear? Click the event's pic, it'll take you through to our Vancouver Events calendar for all the info you'll need.

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Zoo Riots "Vultures"

zr-viaLong-time friends and past collaborators, the members of Zoo Riots came together in 2012 with a shared passion for creating innovative and thought provoking music. The result is a live show that is frenzied at times and delicate at others, with a soundscape incorporating blues, R&B, progressive/psychedelic rock, jazz, and spoken word poetry. Intricate two part vocal and guitar harmonies, dynamic bass lines, and articulate drumming patterns are features of their constantly evolving sound.

Yellow Claw "Roller"

YC-viaYellow Claw is a DJ trio from Amsterdam, Netherlands. The group consists of Bizzey, Jim Aasgier and Nizzle. Their music is a mix of wide range of genres and often incorporates elements from trap music, hip hop, dubstep, hardstyle and moombahton.

Rococode "Baddest Sun"

roco-viaRococode is the Vancouver, Canada based indie pop duo of Laura Smith and Andrew Braun. Their music weaves a lush tapestry of synths, guitars and soundscapes around duelling boy/girl vocals and heavy bass and drums.

Terence Jack "Please Don't Go"

tj-via"Terence Jack's soulful sounds really brought the Ponderosa crowd together and parted the rain clouds, literally. Terence totally slaps you with that down home blues vibe and gets people's feet stomping. A talented gentleman with a heart of gold." - Kia & Kris, Ponderosa Festival

Altona "Favourite Books"

altona-viaAlt-pop goodness.

Operators "Start Again"

operator-viaDan Boeckner has shown his diverse musical taste over the years; consequently, his decision to focus his attention on a new, electronic dance project shouldn’t be surprising as it feels like nothing more than a natural progression from the first synth he bought for the debut Wolf Parade EP, to the primarily stark, digital sounds of Handsome Furs, and now the organic, melted, deeply dance driven Operators.

Allan Rayman "Tennessee"

ar-viaThere is little known about Allan Rayman, a young, cryptic performer hailing from Lost Springs. What you need to know is that he is a consummate storyteller. Through his compelling narrative, Allan writes his tale of love, which to him is the same as death. The compelling thing about Allan is that you never know what’s going to happen next. His sound and visual aesthetics are a product of his emotional struggle. With every release, Allan presents a new chapter of his story for the audience to experience. At the end of it all, you can’t help but start to feel a little bit worried about him. In his simplest form, Allan is a musician. For him, it’s all about love and music.

Matthew Logan Vasquez "Maria"

mlv-via“Matt’s voice and words have that Nashville outcast vibe to it,” says Jay Sweet, producer of the Newport Folk Festival and a longtime champion of Matt’s music. “He’s not California, he’s not Texas, he’s not Brooklyn—even though he’s lived in all of those places. He’s a transplant and a vagabond, which is why he embodies folk and rock music. For a singer- songwriter, he is truly refreshing.”

The Response "No Way Out"

zr-viaDetermined to faithfully translate their expansive albums from tape to stage, The Response have crafted a live show that utilizes every one of their limbs and will leave you wondering how two people can make so much noise.

Double Fuzz "Anything Left For Me"

DF-viaCalgary's blues rock duo Double Fuzz have been constructing their amplified sound since 2012. With their dirty guitar riffs, menacing edgy vocals and punchy loud drum licks, Double Fuzz has people turning the volume to the max.

Father John Misty "Maybe, Sweet One, You Won't Have Nightmares Tonight"

misty-viaFear and fun.

Have an awesome time listening, and an awesome week seeing some of these bands live! Come back next Monday for a brand new Do604 x Vancouver Is Awesome Weekly Playlist.