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The Enlightened Nerd: Konrad Philip, Etiquette Expert

The Enlightened Nerd is a column designed to enlighten the inner nerd in all of us through local whimsical and intellectual events, people, and places.

The Enlightened Nerd is a column designed to enlighten the inner nerd in all of us through local whimsical and intellectual events, people, and places. Know a nerdy person, event, place, or thing in Vancouver? Send it in here or tweet it to @karolinathecat (#theenlightenednerd)!

 Konrad Philip's etiquette guidebook, Konrad Philip’s etiquette guidebook, “Schleppy to Preppy.” Photo by Philip Moussavi

Konrad Philip wants you to feel “confident and comfortable, not conceited” through his cool and relevant etiquette tips. At twenty-two years old, he affirms to be North America’s youngest etiquette expert and we met to discuss why he chose the etiquette life, how to avoid the awkward turtle, and his current book, Schleppy to Preppy.

Why etiquette?’ is something he is commonly asked and he answered confidently that it’s because it is the easiest way to enhance your life and career instantly. His curiosity for etiquette arose a few years ago when the widespread saying “that awkward moment when…” was trending. He was a Sauder business student at the University of British Columbia and he was attending many conferences and one of them happened to be an etiquette seminar. He realized that “moments aren’t so awkward when you know the proper protocol.”

What makes Konrad’s etiquette expertise unique is that it comes from a fresh and friendly perspective. “A lot of us have forgotten about manners and think they’re old and outdated,” Konrad said, but “etiquette is just as relevant, if not more relevant, now that we are more globally aware.” Additionally, young people are very plugged in, he said, and struggle with feeling socially awkward. His tips aren’t geared towards outshining others. He simply wants to guide people through the awkward moments we all equally despise.

A hub of Konrad’s work can be found on his website, Not Awkward Anymore, which consists of things like his blog, radio appearances, and even his own game! He likes to tune into what’s happening in Vancouver and around the globe and write relevant etiquette advice accordingly.

 “Schleppy to Preppy” by Konrad Philip. Photo by Philip Moussavi

Some of Konrad’s work includes “The Gratuitree,” a holiday tipping graphic and his latest “Game Day Etiquette,” a remedial post on who not to be on game day. Upcoming posts will be related to political conversations (and how to diplomatically get out of them) and his new guidebook, Schleppy to Preppy. This pocket-sized book is geared towards the aspirational man and is about looking your best in the clothes you already own. Konrad was frank: “I don’t care what you own, what you wear and contrary to the book’s title, what your style is, this book will help you wear, match, and maintain what you already have.” There is also a chapter on staying fresh (ie. scent-sible), resulting in the reader looking, feeling, and smelling their best.

Due to his superior knowledge in this intriguing topic, I had to know, does he consider himself nerdy? “I think that I’m a nerd…but I’m also a jock,” he declared. “I think that you have to be a nerd to be an influencer. If you want to make an impact in a certain area then you have to know everything and if you know a lot about something then you’re a nerd,” he perfectly rationalized.

Best etiquette advice he can give to Vancouverites? “Buy my book,” he joked. He added, “we have so many opportunities to be courteous to people every single day” so it’s easy to do small things like sharing umbrellas and coughing and sneezing into our sleeves.

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