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The Enlightened Nerd: The Gumshoe Revue

The Enlightened Nerd is a column designed to enlighten the inner nerd in all of us through local whimsical and intellectual events, people, and places.

The Enlightened Nerd is a column designed to enlighten the inner nerd in all of us through local whimsical and intellectual events, people, and places. Know a nerdy person, event, place, or thing in Vancouver? Send it in here or tweet it to @karolinathecat (#theenlightenednerd)


Historical, supernatural, and charitable “The Gumshoe Revue” is Ghost Light Vaudeville Society’s debut variety show hitting Columbia Theatre this autumn. The show will be a throwback to Vancouver’s vaudeville era with all proceeds going to local non-profit organization, Women Against Violence Against Women.

“The Gumshoe Revue” takes place at the turn of the century, perfect for fanatics of British Columbia and its local history. The executive producer of the society, Miss Dee Twenty, said that the society’s members are all “well versed in [Vancouver’s] history and [that they] are continuously inspired by its forefathers and foremothers.” “Vancouver is an important city for all of us and honouring its history (as well as the history of its marginalized performers and people) is a big part of why we are doing this,” she went on to say.

The vaudeville variety show will transport the audience back to a simpler time in Vancouver, and a spookier one. Led by two detectives, they will solve a mysterious case, one of the paranormal, supernatural, and extraterrestrial kind. Along the way, they will encounter Ghost Light Vaudeville Society’s creativity and various talents through live music, dance, contortion, drag, burlesque, and comedy.

Ghost Light Vaudeville Society is a small group of independent performers that honours over a century of Vancouver’s performing arts history. Remarkably enough, many of the performers have nerdy backgrounds, having previously performed for shows like Geeks Versus Nerds and The Geekenders. When asked what she thinks drew everyone to the production, Twenty said, “we love to create, first and foremost. Everyone in our Society has their hands in so many pies – podcasts, conventions, comedy, dance, song, drag, burlesque – that forming something new, like Ghost Light, felt natural.”

 Sasja Smolders by Lindsay's Diet Sasja Smolders by Lindsay's Diet

Ghostlight Vaudeville Society – Miss Dee Twenty, Alison Ross, Sasja Smolders, and Joe Fulgham – was newly fashioned over the summer when all four individuals realized they had a yearning to “create an intersectional feminist and LGBTQIA+ space that brought performers of all genders, cultures, and creeds together for a greater cause,” said Twenty. They agreed that all proceeds and donations coming from the “The Gumshoe Revue” and future events will go towards local charities in Vancouver.

Throw on your best period costume and fancy dress and kick off the Halloween season early in charitable style by checking out Ghostlight Vaudeville's Society “The Gumshoe Revue" next week.

The Gumshoe Revue

Columbia Theatre (530 Columbia Street, New Westminster)

Thursday September 22nd 2016

Doors at 7PM and show at 8PM

Tickets are $17 online, or $20 at the door (all proceeds go to Women Against Violence Against Women)