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The Proof - Becki Chan

For close to 8 years now, I have spent more (awake) time with Becki Chan that any other person.

For close to 8 years now, I have spent more (awake) time with Becki Chan that any other person.  It would be insulting to call her an employee, as it is impossible to describe all the things she does for Cause+Affect and it would be even more impossible to replace her.

Becki narrowly escaped what would have been, for her, a constrained life as an Architect. She now finds herself at a complicated nexus of Art, Design and Community, blending her evening pursuits of private art and design commissions, her daily life at Cause+Affect and her blossoming alter ego, The Grand Dame of Pecha Kucha Night.

When not getting her hands dirty working to improve the cultural potency of Vancouver as a recently named member of the City of Vancouver’s Arts and Culture Policy Advisory Council, Becki blogs about her cat (

- Steven Cox, Creative Director 


The Proof

01 Gastown. This is my hood.  I’ve been working around here for 7 years now. So many things have changed -  some good, some bad. Things change, but Six Acres will always be there - my Friday after work hang out. Photo: Josiane Marquis.

02 Hanna . Hanna keeps me company while I’m working late at night. Love her to death.

03 Me, sitting on a parking chock in San Francisco. The reason I build functional sculptures in the city, so people can have a place to chill and really look at our city. Instead of always just go go go.

04 Cause+Affect. I’ve spent a huge part of my life there. I have learnt a lot from Steven &  Jane. Along the way I got to work with MANY AMAZING graphic designers. I’m very lucky to get to work on PechaKucha as part of my job, as I’ve met so many talented and inspiring Vancouverites through the event.  Photo: King Kabuz Media.

05 Making things. I’m a workaholic. If I’m not in front of my computer, I need to be making things.

06 We work out from a garage in East Van, sometime we need to expand into the back alley and hope we don't get run over.  This is Milos in the photo, my partner in crime.

07 Paper house mobile. I’ve thought of designing just about anything, even toys.

08 In my chair. The one that got away. I’ve designed many built projects. This is the one that I want to build the most, and I have not yet found a site to allow it.

The Questions

What neighborhood do you live in?

Downtown. Across the street from the Orpheum Theater, a block away from the Vogue and the Commodore, and a block away from Japadog!

What do you do and where?

Sr. Spatial Designer at Cause+Affect

A producer of PechaKucha Night Vancouver

Member of the City of Vancouver Art and Culture Advisory Council

Visual artist who creates site specific public art installations

What are you working on?

PechaKucha Night Vol.24, Nov 23rd. Woohoo

Interior of Vancouver’s first whiskey distillery in East Van

A public art installation for the new Edmonton Public Library Branch

A few public art installation proposals in North America

Where can we find your work?

You can find my work at and some of my personal work at and