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This is the Most Awesome Place to Take Your Kids For a Day Trip in 2014

There is no shortage of outdoor destinations in the lower mainland that are great to visit rain or shine, but the most awesome place to escape the hustle bustle of the city with one’s family regardless of the weather is Boundary Bay Regional Park in

For many, Boundary Bay is a summer destination - who can resist beachcombing the endless miles of sand or enjoying a bonfire at Centennial Beach? But, with its stroller friendly trails, spectacular tidal flats, and large playground, it's also the perfect place for families to shake off those winter cobwebs.

It's just a 40 minute drive from Vancouver and there's lots of free parking at Centennial Beach. The parking lot leads directly to the new “all-access” playground meaning that there is something for kids of all ages and abilities. It’s almost worth the trip in of itself and it could be a challenge trying to pry kids away from it. Nearby is the brand new year-round concession building that serves the standard fare from coffees to french fries, and the washroom facilities are quite nice by public washroom standards.

mostawesome2014 There is no shortage of outdoor destinations in the lower mainland that are great to visit rain or shine, but the most awesome place to escape the hustle bustle of the city with one’s family regardless of the weather is Boundary Bay Regional Park in Tsawwassen.

 Photo: Laurin ThompsonPhoto: Laurin Thomson

The endless network of nature trail loops will take you through the shoreline and sand dune habitats. Many of these paths are stroller friendly and easy enough for small children to navigate. Dogs are welcomed as well but are required to remain on leash because of the sensitive ecosystems throughout the park. No matter the distance you cover on the trails there's plenty to see and explore – various terrains ranging from tall grasses to sand to moss. And because Boundary Bay is on the Pacific Flyway there's always a large variety of birds, such as hawks and eagles, to spot.

The absolute highlight of visiting is exploring the tidal flats. Armed with a pair of rubber boots, you can walk forever in the shallow waters. A snow capped Mount Baker provides the perfect backdrop while kids hunt for shells and tiny crabs. Even if the tide isn’t out the shoreline is always full of aquatic treasures for little hands to collect. The beach has a number of fire pits as well for bonfires and driftwood forts left by previous visitors come in handy during a game of seaside hide and seek.

Regardless the time of year, there's no shortage of things to see and do at Boundary Bay Regional Park, and your first visit will certainly not be your last.


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2014 Most Awesome Awards - Readers Choice

By Vancouver Is Awesome

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    Tomas Lang!

  • Most Awesome Amateur Sports League

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    Terminal City Roller Girls!

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    Joni McKervey!

  • Most Awesome Good Will Ambassador

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    Bif Naked!

  • Most Awesome Graphic Design Advocates

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    Ross Milne and Grace Partridge!

  • Most Awesome Doctor

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Doctor Julio Montaner!

  • Most Awesome Charitable Entrepreneur

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    Ken Lyotier of United We Can!

  • Most Awesome Sports Fans

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    Vancouver Whitecaps FC supporters!

  • Most Awesome Librarian

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    Sheila Mclean!

  • Most Awesome Free Thing

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    The Vancouver Public Library!

  • Most Awesome Walking Bridge

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    The one in East Van featured in The Raymur Mothers!

  • Most Awesome Place to Regain Faith in Humanity

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    Sol Convenience Store!

  • Most Awesome Public Park

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    Stanley Park!

  • Most Awesome Knitters

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    Knit Social!

  • Most Awesome TV Show

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    My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic!

  • Most Awesome Soup

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    Peaceful Noodle's Spicy Tangy Dumpling Soup!

  • Most Awesome FREE Music Event Series

    By Vancouver Is Awesome!

  • Most Awesome Ocean Conservation Program

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    The Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Wise!

  • Most Awesome Local Food Advocate

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Chad Brealey from Salt, Fresh & Field!

  • Most Awesome Animal Rights Organization

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    The BC SPCA's Vancouver branch!

  • Most Awesome Kitchen Rescue Organization

    By Vancouver Is Awesome


We're excited that TELUS is helping us bring you the Most Awesome Awards. A longtime friend of V.I.A., TELUS is passionate about giving back to the community by recognizing, celebrating and supporting great community partners, friends and neighbours making a difference in the lives of others. Watch in the coming weeks as we roll out all of the Most Awesome Awards presented by TELUS.