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This Week's Best Shows featuring Marian Hill

Dynamic duo Marian Hill will steal your heart and mesmerize you with their swirling vocals and ability to weave together sounds from different generations.

Dynamic duo Marian Hill will steal your heart and mesmerize you with their swirling vocals and ability to weave together sounds from different generations. Much more than just another synthpop act, their sound spans R&B and soul to blues and jazz.

But they're just one of the Top 15 must-see artists playing in Vancouver this week, picked by our city's #knowfun Selectors at Do604.

The Top 15 playlist - hear this week's best artists here

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Rachel Lark
at The Biltmore - Monday June 5
This angel faced performer is known for eye-popping messages on taboo topics through her songs. Her thoughtful lyrics, passionate vocals and a just a tiny hint of electronic dance beats will be filling the Biltmore tonight!
Marian Hill
at Venue - Tuesday June 6
Marian Hill's seductively rumbling beats, breathy vocals and funky sax snippets will leave you breathless and cast a spell on you at Venue.
Tales of the Tomb
at SBC - Wednesday June 7
Tales of the Tomb might just burst your eardrums with their pulp-and-grim music that's dripping with gory lyrics. You might want to be careful with this one, their grinding beats will grind you to bits.
Randy Valentine
at The Waldorf - Thursday June 8
Not one to shy away from different genres of music, Randy Valentine embraces them and whips them into rad reggae jams!
Adaline, Nashlyn and Jessicka
at The Biltmore - Thursday June 8
Adaline's wild hooks that float around elegant melodies will keep you wanting more at The Biltmore.
at The Rickshaw - Thursday June 8
This kick ass band will rock your pants right off. You might want to remember to wear clean underwear. 
A$AP Ferg
at Fortune - Friday June 9
Constantly bobbing and weaving past expectations, you can expect to be mind blown at Fortune when A$AP Ferg starts flawless transitions from gritty rhythms to soaring vocals.
Ato-Mik and DJ 151
at The Media Club - Friday June 9
Not one to obey the genre boundaries, these brothers strive to create the most diverse eclectic hip-hop that will have The Media Club rattling from their sick beats.
Jesse Rose
at Open Studios - Friday June 9
You're not going to want to miss out on Jesse Rose's rad Chicago house and early Detroit techno mix. He usually plays in Europe's most respected clubs but is taking a break from Europe's night scene to give Vancouver a spin.

at Celebrities - Saturday June 10
Get a little taste of Global Bass when you head down to Celebrities this Saturday. Nucleya will be tearing up the dance floor with his poppin' electro dubstep that's got a spicy kick to it!
at Main Street Bike Expo - Saturday June 10
Float away to paradise (in this case, biking paradise) with Nashlyn. Let her dream pop guide you far away from reality and into a universe full of hope, mellow paths and tons of bikes.
at Railway Stage & Beer Café - Sat June 10
Vancouver's own dynamic indie pop duo will keep you buzzing with their dark synth bass and knotty rhythms. Join Rococode and dance your way in to Sunday!
Echo Nebraska
at The Roxy - Saturday June 10
Embrace your roots with Echo Nebraska's rustic acoustic sounds and fall in love with their soul strung folk jams that will pull your heart strings at The Roxy.
at The Commodore - Saturday June 10
Come out and party with Hollerado & their rad indie rock tunes that'll make you wish that Saturday will never end!
Kevin Saunderson
at MIA 2 Year Anniversary - Saturday June 10
We're stoked to see Kevin Saunderson - one of the originators of Detroit Techno - return and break MIA with his ground breaking techno! 
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