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Tracks On Tracks - Day Four

Day Four!...I think? That's what happens when you run on little to no sleep...everything runs together. So I will give you my best recollection. Good think I have a camera.

Day Four!...I think? That's what happens when you run on little to no sleep...everything runs together. So I will give you my best recollection. Good think I have a camera.

You can see written updates on Day 4 here: by Grant Lawrence (don't believe everything you read) on CBC Radio 3 and by Cody Alan Gregory on the Tracks On Tracks website!

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Day Four was another jam packed one full of shenanigans and musical performances...after recharging our batteries (both actual batteries, and bodies via a nap) it was time for more shows in the Activity and Park Cars. First up was "Emperor of the North aka Murder On The Canadian aka The Caboose Boys" (ie Zach Gray and Adrian Glynn), followed by The Belle Game in the Park Car (where Katrina fought through motion sickness like a trooper!).

A few short hours later (and one old lady near death choking incident in the dining car) we found ourselves in Hornpayne, Ontario. Yah, we weren't sure where that was either but stops where no one performs gave us the opportunity to:

a) breathe fresh air

b) stretch our wobbly legs on solid ground

c) find junk food

d) stock up on as much beer as we could carry

We did all of the above. Then some people played catch in the street, while the rest of us cracked beers in the middle of 'downtown' and ate popsicles. Following a group photos and a bit more drinking, we said goodbye to Hornepayne and climbed back aboard.

With time to kill before the last of the evening performances there was jamming and practicing, eating and drinking (and toasting) to do...

Another night in the Green Couch Activity Car; it was decorated to the nines that night with extra lights and more balloons than ever before.

It's funny that after every evening balloons slowly made their way through the double doors between cabins and you could find them sometimes 3 cars down or more (if they were carried).

"Emperor of the North aka Murder On The Canadian aka The Caboose Boys" was back and gave a live rendition of their soon to be viral video, that I can't actually tell you about. Following Zach and Adrian, Adaline enchanted the car with her electronic stylings - backed up on a few songs by the frequently borrowed Pete and Mike of The Matinée...

Ivan, our VIA director (I think that was his title) took the mic for a bit to of...AC/DC's Long Way To The Top.

Which if it is in your head, you can listen here while you read.

Midnight hit and I presented Lindsay Bryan with some cake for her 25th birthday (not a bad place to celebrate!).

Then it was The Belle Game who killed their of the best times I've ever seen them, motion sickness and all...and borrowing the Sidney York ladies in lieu of a horn section!

Now, here is were things got interesting...while Bear Mountain was setting up/starting I managed to get Grant Lawrence into the dining car at The Matinee's request. After two days of attempting to get this to happen, word had SLIGHTLY spread around the train to a select few about what was about to go everyone except Grant it seemed, which is shocking.

Crammed into one of the special booths in the car, The Matinee launched into 'Rosie' by The Smugglers (Grant's old band to the unfamiliar). With the phone containing the lyrics dying just as the song began, Grant was forced to help sing the song, which he did...and then demanded The Matinee play both Sweet Water Rolling, and their new (yet-to-be released) song Young and Lazy, despite Matt's slowly dying voice.

It was awesome.

Then one of the VIA employees told us we'd be stopped for 20 minutes if we wanted to go outside.

In true Tracks On Tracks fashion we grabbed our beers and lept at the chance...shortly after this we remembered that Bear Mountain was playing in the Activity Car and ran down to it, having an impromptu dance party on the side of the train and trying to get everyone's attention. Phones, flashes, pounding on the windows, all were no use. Finally I remembered that fellow my crew member, and roommate, Christina had SPARKLERS in our cabin. I hauled it down the train, ran back and FINALLY after lighting them everyone noticed.....and came running out.

And thus more drinking, singing and dancing on the platforms in Ontario occurred.

So the rest of the night was a bittersweet celebration of the last 4 days, where everyone was fighting fatigue in their own way (see below).

I managed until about 5am yet again...throughly satisfied after witnessing a banjo party (which I demanded), several strings breaking, and the beer slowly running out.

I went to bed shortly after Jordan from Shred Kelly gave the final toast of the evening.

Sad, yet happy, knowing there was still much fun to come in Toronto early the next day...

Oh and Nathan filmed these videos, which I've probably watched at least 10 times by now...which required us to think of one word to sum up the last 4 days. I was too tired to think of a word, so I said tired.

Also, Beards on Tracks. Watch it too.

See you tomorrow with our arrival in Toronto!