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7 Vancouver-based podcasts to add to your playlist

Vancouver podcasts for Vancouverites.
Vancouver Podcast Festival 2020 pitch session
Photo courtesy of the Vancouver Podcast Festival (file photo).

Nowadays, who doesn't listen to podcasts?

Vancouver is home to many celebrities, influencers, and even podcasts. There's a podcast for everyone in this city, be it politics or comedy, and if you were thinking of starting your own, the Vancouver Public Library can help you with that

We've rounded up some Vancouver-based podcasts worth tuning in to.

Blocked Party

Hosted by self-proclaimed "Twitter Genius/Idiot" Stefan Heck and comedian John Cullen, this Vancouver podcast is a hilarious guide to getting blocked on social media. "From celebrities to jilted ex-lovers, every block has a story and we're here to get to the bottom of it," writes the podcast description.

Drinking and Screaming

Horror films and cocktails from a queer and feminist perspective? Sounds fun! Hosted out of Vancouver by Charlene Bayer and Kelly Wright, each episode explores a different movie and creates a cocktail to match, featuring a celebrity guest or movie trivia here and there. 

Stop Podcasting Yourself

Vancouver comedy brought to you by Graham Clark, Dave Shumka and weekly comedian guests. Try to watch an entire episode without laughing.

Dark Poutine

It doesn't get more Canadian than the name, but did you know that this gripping Canadian true crime and history podcast is hosted by Mike Browne out of Vancouver?


For those looking for a new perspective, this podcast provides a look into Vancouver's drug and opioid scene from the first-hand perspectives and experiences of drug users, produced by a team of investigative journalists and documentary radio producers from Vancouver. 

Vancouver Real Estate Podcast

Just as the name implies, this podcast is all about the city's real estate market. Hosted by Adam and Matt Scalena, the Realtors dive into buying, selling and investing Vancouver property. 

Cambie Report

Politics in podcast form. Vancouverites Ian Bushfield and Matthew Naylor cover all scopes of politics in the city, and the result is a worthwhile podcast.