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We've put together the ultimate Vancouver playlist

Over 70 songs written about Vancouver
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Do you know any songs that have roots in Vancouver?

Every major city has an anthem. New York has at least three fighting for the top spot (although few will really contend with Sinatra's classic).

But ask Vancouverites to name the most iconic song about this city and they'll struggle to agree, assuming they can name one at all. Matthew Good wrote a song literally titled "The Vancouver National Anthem" (as part of the Vancouver album), but should he really win on a technicality?A music writer told me recently that "YMCA" by the Village People was written in Vancouver and that got me thinking about other songs that may be inspired by Vancouver, not just by local artists but international ones. Thus the ultimate Vancouver playlist was born. We blew open the parameters of music and anthem to include any vaguely musical piece available to listen to on the internet that mentions Vancouver. Currently, the list sits at 71 strong but will continue to grow as we learn of new songs or new music gets released. There are the usual suspects with Tegan and Sara, Said the Whale, and The Zolas making up a few entries from local bands who have grown to acclaim outside of the city—Dan Mangan and the Japandroids too.

Writing this list also drew my attention to the reference to Pigeon Park in Billy Talent's "Fallen Leaves," a song I have listened to dozens of times but completely didn't realize was about Vancouver. I also learned that Death Cab for Cutie wrote a song called "Expo 86."

We recently asked the readers of our daily newsletter for song suggestions and a few people mentioned the historic Mushroom Studios that was based in Vancouver before relocating to Toronto in 2010. Between 1966 and 2006 the building saw dozens of high-profile music projects that created many surprising songs connections to Vancouver, including the score of Top Gun.

There are some parody entries on this list too—"The Kingsgate Mall Tribute" which I first heard on CFOX and the Save On Foods rap that fellow reporter Brendan Kergin found to name a few. There are a surprising amount of raps that have been written about random parts of Vancouver like the "SkyTrain" rap by Emotionz and Low Pressure All Stars.

We know of a Portuguese rap about Vancouver that's in existence but haven't been able to find it so if anyone knows what it's called please let us know. Did we miss anything else?

  1. "Vancouver, Baby!" by Behind Sapphire
  2. "Robson Girl" by Mac DeMarco
  3. "Big Wave Goodbye" by Said the Whale
  4. "Kingsgate Mall Tribute" by Ian Boothby and Vicky Van
  5. "West Van Girl" by The Awkward Stage
  6. "Vancouver" by Reckless Kelly
  7. "The Vancouver Song" by Treelines
  8. "English Bay" by Blue Rodeo
  9. "Expo '86" by Death Cab For Cutie
  10. "Expo in BC" by The Spores
  11. "Fallen Leaves" by Billy Talent
  12. "Summer Wages" by Ian Tyson
  13. "Vancouver" by Jeff Buckley
  14. "Main & Broadway'" by Cub
  15. "Northern Touch" by Rascalz ft. Kardinal Offishall, Thrust, Checkmate, Choclair"Vancouver" by Joey Lau
  16. "Vancouver" by Genesis
  17. "Vancouver B.C." by The Smugglers
  18. "Vancouver Town '71" by Rolf Harris
  19. "The Vancouver National Anthem" by Matthew Good
  20. "バンクーバー (Vancouver)" by Superfly
  21. "Commercial Drive" by The Gruff
  22. "Hell" by Tegan and Sara"The Cure" by Tegan and Sara"Vancouver, une nuit comme une autre" by Aut'Chose
  23. "Vancouver (Richards on Richards)" by They Might Be Giants
  24. "Vancouver" a song and album of the same name by Véronique Sanson"Vancouver (Instrumental)" by Violent Femmes"Girl from Vancouver" by Svavar Knutur
  25. "Tropical Rainstorm" by Doug and the Slugs
  26. "Chinatown Calculation" by Doug and the Slugs
  27. "Doldrums" by Elbow
  28. "Wreck Beach/Totem Park" by The Zolas
  29. "Effort" by Blue J
  30. "Timezone" by Blue J
  31. "Up Granville" by Peach Pit"Back To Vancouver" by Funboy Five
  32. "City You Live In Is Ugly" by Young and Sexy
  33. "Pine For Cedars" by Dan Mangan"Rockers East Vancouver" by Japandroids
  34. "False Creek Change" by Said The Whale
  35. "Black Day In December" by Said The Whale
  36. "Vancouver Blues" by Tim Hus
  37. "Commercial Drive" by Low Pressure All Stars
  38. "Vancouver B.C." by Orca Team
  39. "Rock Deep (Vancouver)" by Heart
  40. "Vancouver Divorce" by Gord Downie"The Bridge Came Tumblin' Down" by Stompin' Tom Connors
  41. "The Crawl" by Spirit Of The West
  42. "Sovereignty" by Japandroids"Skytrain" by Emotionz and Low Pressure All Stars
  43. "Vancouver B.C." by Curious Hands
  44. "Wrong Side of the Country" by Old Man Luedecke
  45. "2010" by Said The Whale
  46. "Dumptruck" by Blind Melon
  47. "Vancouver Shakedown" by Nazareth
  48. "Vancouver, BC" by Vic Vodka
  49. "East Van Girls" by Shimmering Stars
  50. "Canadian Boyfriend" by All Girl Summer Fun Band
  51. "Vancouver" by Anamanaguchi"Vancouver" and "Vancouver (Remix)" by Donae'o ft. Blanco (original) and Kwesi Arthur, Frenzo Harami (remix)
  52. "Ayahuasca" by Vancouver Sleep Clinic
  53. "Flow Vancouver" by Shanty Boy
  54. "Miss Me" by Grandphone Vancouver"Jubab" by Vancouver Shullai"Vancouver Time" by Leif Vollebekk"Rolling In EastVan" by Money Hungry
  55. "Vancouver" by Raz Fresco
  56. "Vancouver x Ice drippy" by Xapp
  57. "Vancouver" by Ligia Oancea
  58. "Save-On-Foods #940 Vancouver Produce Rap" by Miguel Cruz
  59. Cordova” by Limblifter
  60. "We're Here For A Good Time (Not A Long Time)" by Trooper
  61. "Summer of 96" by Turtle ft. Rushden & Diamonds
  62. "Vancouver" by Harriet Chung