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Vancouver film set calls for 'stunt driving' and 'large crowds' this week

There is also expected to be fireballs 🔥 and other special effects throughout the day
Supergirl is a TV show based on the DC Comics character of the same name. The show is filming its final season in Vancouver which airs Tuesdays on the CW.

A popular TV show is filming in Vancouver this week and the set calls for stunt driving, large crowds, special effects and some street closures. 

Supergirl is an American TV show based on the DC Comics character of the same name. The show is filming its final season in the city, which airs Tuesdays on the CW.

In April, Vancouverites took to social media this week to share photos and videos from the superhero set

Now, a resident notification letter from 137 Productions Inc states that filming will take place on Tuesday (July 20) from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. and will include "exterior/acrobatic elements, stunt driving and large crowds of background performers (extras) at street level along the1300 [and] 1400 blocks of W. Hastings St."

The company plans to use special effects and "poppers" to create "short bangs" and "small flame balls." Each sequence will be repeated several times throughout the day but not going past 5 p.m.

Vancouver Is Awesome Branded Content Manager Elizabeth The shared the resident notification letter on July 16. 

UBC ranked #3 most filmed location in Canada

A recent study finds that the University of British Columbia is the third most-filmed location in Canada. 

NetCredit, a licensed online financial services provider for mid-size personal loans, dug through 120 years of film history to uncover the most popular filming locations in every country around the world.

The company found that the most-filmed location in the world is Central Park in New York City, with 532 movie credits. Popular films such as John WickGhostbustersHome Alone 2, and Enchanted were filmed there. 

In Canada, the study found that Niagara Falls in Ontario was the most-filmed location, with 142 credits. The breathtaking Banff National Park in Alberta followed in second (71 credits), with UBC placing third (51 credits).