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You can watch this hilarious Shang Chi-inspired superhero movie for FREE (VIDEO)

Nothing beats the isolation blues like a laugh.
Photo: MiltonNGTV / YouTube

"Inspired by 70's Bruce Lee movies, Shang Chi, a jobless superhero, must fight Captain America and Deadpool with nunchucks."

Milton Ng, a filmmaker and actor from Vancouver, says he was thrilled when he heard that Marvel was making a movie based on the comic publisher's greatest martial artist, Shang Chi. And, having a background on superhero shows in Vancouver, he decided to try making a fan project of his own.

Ng and his team collaborated to create a fan-made action/comedy short film, which is inspired by 70's Bruce Lee and based on Marvel's Shang Chi. He notes that the film is composed of location talent, comedians and crew in Vancouver.

The film features Owen Tung, Leslie Kwan, Clint Gamble, Robert Peng, Jonathan Endo, Alfie Rosselli, Nick Wong, Jonathan Yee and Sabrina Dang, as well cinematography by Michael Yeung.

"Being an asian filmmaker/actor, we always saw asians as type cast in film," notes Ng. "I would go to countless commercial auditions for the role of doctor, office guy or teacher."

However, Ng says he feels that things are changing in Hollywood.

"When I heard that Marvel was making an entire movie based on Shang Chi - I was thrilled! This was being the success of Crazy Rich Asians and Always be my Maybe, this became the pinnacle for Asians to be able to have leading roles in Hollywood."

Ng adds that's he's always been a fan of underdog stories, and that he really wanted to make something he could be proud of. 

"Making the fan-made Shang chi allowed me to write dramatic lines for myself, as well as collaborate with local actors and comedians here in Vancouver," he explains.

"I wrote the script back in early February, followed by rehearsals and shooting over the weekends toward end of March. Because of the pandemic, I was isolated at home where I used the first few weeks of March to edit the project."

Have a look at Marvel's Shang Chi: First Asian Superhero (Fan-Made Film). 

Warning: This film contains coarse language and some sexually suggested dialogue and actions. Suggested rating: 14A.


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