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Here’s where to get the ugliest possible Christmas sweaters in Vancouver (PHOTOS)

Vital information ahead of your next festive gathering
Ugly sweater4(1)
No need to dig through thrift store bins, this Main Street shop has compiled their ugliest winter wear for your perusing.

If you’re in the market for a truly awful Christmas sweater this holiday season, second-hand clothing stores across Vancouver have done much of the hard work for you. 

The Venn diagram for the most fun people at Christmas parties and ugly sweater wearers is a perfect circle. So, in order to help you be the talk of the Christmas work party -- at least until Karen gets to the punch bowl -- here’s where to get your personality-replacing winter wear.

TransLink Merch

While maybe not the ugliest Christmas sweater on the market, TransLink’s Christmas sweater comes with a great local nod but has some... unfortunately placed snowflakes.

TransLink Merch6
TransLink's 'Ugly Winter Sweater' can be bought from the transit company's website for $45. TransLink

Ugly Christmas Sweater Shack

Located at the Vancouver Christmas Market which runs until Dec. 24, the Ugly Christmas Sweater Shack offers hundreds of vintage Christmas sweaters with a variety of styles, sizes, and colours to choose from.

Ugly sweater1
The Ugly Christmas Sweater Shack will be at the Vancouver Christmas Market until Dec. 24. . Ugly Christmas Sweater Shack

F as in Frank 

F as in Frank is known for their expertly curated selection of vintage clothing. Well, the same goes for their ugly Christmas sweaters. No need to dig through thrift store bins, this Main Street shop has done the hard work for you. All the vintage holiday cheer with the ease of buying new.

Hudson’s Bay 

The Bay offers this particularly meta ugly sweater if that’s your thing. 

Ugly sweater3
"This is my ugly sweater" is available at the Bay for $65. Hudson's Bay

Salvation Army

Vintage and thrift stores are the original home of ugly holiday attire. You might have to put in some extra work, but there's nothing more rewarding than finding that perfect, one-of-kind second-hand item. 

Funky Tails Sweaters

Located in Chilliwack, this B.C. business ensures your pet won’t feel left out in the ugly Christmas sweater fun. In fact, you can get matching sweaters! 

Ugly sweater2
Make sure your pet doesn't feel left out in the ugly Christmas sweater fun. Funky Tails Sweaters

Value Village

With the wealth of second-hand clothing available, the search for your new ugly holiday sweater will be over quickly. You can even grab some gently used decorations while you're there.

Bonus round

We here at Vancouver Is Awesome would much prefer to see dollars spent locally but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share this absolute gem.

Ugly sweater5
Available on Amazon for $36.89 this would surely be... a choice. Amazon

With files from Adam Nanji