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Watch: Yung Gravy wears Vancouver-themed outfit, famous TikTokers make surprise appearance at concert

There are a few other Vancouver Easter eggs.
Yung Gravy and bbno$ (Baby No Money) surprised fans at their Vancouver concert with a Grizzlies jersey and an appearance from a local TikTok-famous duo, the Voros Twins a.k.a. the Da Vinki Twins.

Yung Gravy fans were in for a few surprises at his concert in Vancouver last night (Aug. 24)

The "Mr. Clean" rapper performed at the PNE Amphitheatre with Vancouver-born bbno$ (Baby No Money).

The duo, which formed a supergroup called Baby Gravy, released their new album "Baby Gravy 3" during the performance, and for part of the show, Yung Gravy swapped his shirt for a Vancouver Grizzlies jersey. 

Earlier this week, Sam Smith also wore a Vancouver sports team jersey, donning a Canucks Pride jersey which they later took off and spun around. They also gave a popular local restaurant a shout-out on Instagram

Last night's concert had one final surprise for fans. A famous TikTok duo -- Vancouver-based twins Chris and Patrick Vörös who have been dubbed the Da Vinki Twins by the internet for a viral video -- made an on-stage appearance, astonishing those who recognized them. 

Vancouver itself may be a Yung Gravy fan, too.

Downtown's popular pink alley does have an actual name, and it happens to be the same as Yung Gravy's song "Alley Oop." A coincidence? Perhaps. 


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