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All-Day Breakfast Ramen is a thing, and you can get it this March in Vancouver

Sure, it's breakfast ramen, but you don't have to wake up early to get it! 🍜
All-Day Breakfast Ramen, featuring pork belly, tempura fried shredded veggies, and a soft cooked egg, is available in March at Kinton Ramen in Vancouver. Photo courtesy Kinton Ramen

Is there ever a bad time for ramen? Rich, complex broth loaded with chewy noodles for slurping, and heaps of fun toppings fit the bill morning, noon, or night. But if you're doing ramen for breakfast, why not put a breakfast theme on it? Even better: A 'Breakfast Ramen' you can get all day long.

Kinton Ramen, the Toronto-based ramen chain that opened its first Vancouver location last summer at UBC, will be dishing up a unique feature available for the month of March: All-Day Breakfast Ramen.

Made with a vegetarian miso broth and thick ramen noodles, the All-Day Breakfast Ramen features toppings selected to stand in for some breakky classics. Instead of bacon, it's tender pork belly. Hashbrowns? Nope, but there's kakiage, a tempura item typically made with shredded veggies. They're playing off UK breakfast vibes, too, with a blow-torched tomato topped with Swiss cheese, and hailing the crunchy nori as a stand-in for toast, with a bit of butter. Of course, ramen and breakfast have one more major thing in common: Eggs. In this case, it's an onsen egg (a silky, soft boiled egg) - and, yes, you can add a second egg on.

For a little extra sweetness and zip, Kinton's All-Day Breakfast ramen comes with sweet corn, scallions, chilli pepper, and chilli oil.

It's been a while since we've seen a brunch-inspired ramen dish in Vancouver. Back in 2018, downtown's Gyoza Bar launched a brunch menu they've sadly since suspended that included a "Bacon & Eggs" ramen dish that was similarly playful. 

Kinton Ramen is offering its All-Day Breakfast Ramen during the month of March for $14.95. The restaurant is located at 102-6111 University Boulevard in Vancouver (UBC).