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Beloved Calgary bakery heads to Vancouver for sweet comeback after closure

"We simply love making bread and sharing it with people"
Calgary's Bread Culture enjoyed a short run from June 2020 to September 2022. The owners are relocating to Vancouver and will open the bakery in Dunbar Village in July 2024

A mom-and-pop Calgary bakery that closed over a year ago has just shared plans to re-open...except the new Bread Culture will be in Vancouver.

Korean-born couple Sunny and Thomas Park launched Bread Culture in YYC's Beltline in June 2020 and soon grew a following for their bread, croissants, and pretzels. 

However, the Parks closed the Bread Culture shop in September 2022 (reviving ovens for special orders over the holidays) and fans have been missing their baked goods.

This week, the Parks also revived the Bread Culture Instagram page with some big news: They are opening a new "neighbourhood bread and coffee shop."

The neighbourhood: Vancouver's Dunbar Village.

In the announcement, the Parks say that they've spent the time since the Calgary business closed to reflect on what they could improve. 

"Despite our deep love for the baking and our unwavering passion, we questioned whether we could start again," they write.

"Running a business had its challenging and exhausting moments, but it also brought us immense joy, pride, and happiness," continue the Parks. 

"So despite the uncertainties, we’ve decided to reopen the bakery because we simply love making bread and sharing it with people. This time, we plan to operate wisely, learning from past mistakes and vulnerabilities."

With an apology to Calgarians, the Parks are hoping they can find the same kind of "encouragement and support" from Vancouverites. 

"Vancouver is in for a treat!" shared one Instagram commenter, with many other Calgary residents tagging Vancouver friends to urge them to visit the new Bread Culture.

The Parks did not include an address for Bread Culture in Vancouver, though the photo in their announcement may be tipping us all off that they are in a new build at 5525 Dunbar St. 

"Our target opening date is this summer, July, in Vancouver’s Dunbar Village," add the Parks. 

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