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13 essential places for fried chicken in Metro Vancouver

These Vancouver restaurants really know their chicken. Here are 13 must-try places for fried chicken in Metro Vancouver.

Sink your teeth with a satisfying crunch into juicy, tender, savoury fried chicken. Whether you like to crank up the heat index with a spicy style or keep it chill with a more straightforward classic, your craving for fried chicken--breast, legs, and wings--can easily be satisfied in and around Vancouver.

Bonus: A few Vancouver establishments happen to have a killer single dish on the menu that is centred around excellent fried chicken, but these aren't exactly fried chicken restaurants. Shout outs deservedly go to AnnaLena, Mamie Taylor's, and Chewies for having great fried chicken dishes.

Then there are places like Tuc Craft Kitchen, Jam Cafe, and Chewies (again) who serve up a wicked good chicken and waffles. Lastly, it's hard to talk about fried chicken in Vancouver without calling out Phnom Penh for their legendary chicken wings (but major props to Longtail in New West for their Crispy Chicken Wings).

That said, let's focus on Vancouver restaurants that really know their chicken. Here are 13 must-try places for fried chicken in Metro Vancouver.


 Photo courtesy JukePhoto courtesy Juke

It's hip to be fried at this Chinatown restaurant that specializes in wicked good fried chicken and all the trimmings. Juke has you covered from lunch to dinner, and even offers a finger lickin' good brunch. Oh, and a great PS: their fried chicken happens to be gluten-free, too.

Address: 182 Keefer Street, Vancouver

LA Chicken

 LA Chicken (Lindsay William-Ross/Vancouver Is Awesome)LA Chicken (Lindsay William-Ross/Vancouver Is Awesome)

It's tiny. It's in a Richmond strip mall off the beaten path. There's nowhere to sit. But damn, does LA Chicken make some excellent fried chicken. You'll find your fried chicken basics here, available in combos or by the piece. Sides are your standard deli salad fare, fries, mashed potatoes, and gravy--which does great double duty for chicken dunking.

Address: 160-11780 Thorpe Road, Richmond

Duffins Donuts

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For those who like their doughnuts with a side of fried chicken, head to this beloved Vancouver 24-hour joint. Order up their fried chicken in regular or spicy. And save room for dessert. You're in a doughnut shop, right?

Address: 1391 East 41 Avenue, Vancouver

DownLow Chicken Shack

 Photo courtesy DownLow Chicken ShackPhoto courtesy DownLow Chicken Shack

Get it while it's HOT! Vancouver’s first restaurant devoted to Nashville hot chicken opened in June. On the menu: Fiery hot fried chicken. The made to order chicken comes in spice levels (mild, medium, hot, extra hot, and “A side of Milk” aka extremely hot), and can be ordered up solo or in sandwiches, with sides like coleslaw, corn bread, pickles, macaroni salad, or fries.

Address: 905 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Win Win Chick-N

You'll find this brand new chicken spot in Richmond in Steveston Village. They're serving up fried chicken in combos and in pieces, with Filipino-fueled sides like pasta salad. Just want a taste? For $1.99 you can get a piece and pop.

Address: 12160 First Avenue, Richmond

Hi Five

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It's all about choice, and comforting chicken eats, at Hi Five, which now has two locations in Metro Vancouver. Here you can order your chicken up baked or fried, spicy or regular, and with all sorts of sides. Heed the call anytime: They're open around the clock.

Address: 203 SE Marine Drive, Vancouver and 8669 10th Avenue, Burnaby


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For fried chicken done Japanese style, pull up to the Mogu food cart. Get their signature sweet and spicy fried chicken solo, in a rice bowl, or on a sandwich. Pack your patience for a bit of a line, and take note: they operate Monday to Saturday from 11:30 am to 3 pm only.

Address: Howe & Dunsmuir, Vancouver

The Frying Pan food truck

 @eatwithmao via @thefryingpan604/Instagram

Spicy. Fried. Chicken. Sandwich. Need we say more? That decadent dish is The Frying Pan’s signature item, though the Korean food truck also serves up a slew of rice bowls, too, topped with your choice of chicken, bulgogi beef, or even fried teriyaki tofu. They also have fried chicken wings on the menu, too, though, if you want to keep things squarely in the fried bird lane.

Address: 505 Burrard Street, Vancouver

The Fried Chicken Works

This new-ish stall inside the public marketplace at Lonsdale Quay is wowing tastebuds with their Korean-style fried chicken. Fried to order, you can tuck into heaps of boneless fried chicken, and choose if you want spicy or regular.

Address: 123 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver

Big G Fried Chicken

 Lindsay William-Ross/Vancouver Is AwesomeLindsay William-Ross/Vancouver Is Awesome

You'll find Taiwanese fried chicken the size of your face, served with the flavour boost of your choice, at this Richmond brick-and-mortar location of a Night Market fave.

Address: 8338 Capstan Way, Richmond


Although Freebird is known for their rotisserie and hainan-style chicken, you can order up some TFC at this New West Spot. In this case, while the "FC" is obviously for fried chicken, the T is for turmeric, their spice of choice to fire up their rendition of this favourite eat.

Address: 810 Quayside Drive, New Westminster (inside River Market)


 Re-Up BBQ/FacebookRe-Up BBQ/Facebook

Turns out there are two spots in the River Market for fried chicken. Re-Up BBQ offers all sorts of fried chicken options, from big ol' buckets (10 pieces) or smaller two-piece portions. Plus they make spicy fried chicken sandwiches, southern-style wings, and chicken tenders, too.

Address: 810 Quayside Drive, New Westminster (inside River Market)

Church's Chicken

Come on, now, you'd think we'd leave off the fast food fried chicken chain that is the ultimate answer to so many cravings? Nah. Church's Chicken has an impressive 16 locations in Metro Vancouver, which means you can't be too far from getting your hands on the greasy, crunchy, juicy good stuff, at a friendly price, too.

Address: 16 locations in Metro Vancouver; find the one nearest you