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10 vegan eats in Vancouver to try right now

Put these 10 vegan eats in Vancouver on your must-try list right now.

From brunch to treats, to junk food cravings or cold weather cures, there's pretty much something plant-based to enjoy for any appetite in Vancouver. Put these 10 vegan eats on your must-try list right now.


Start your day off on your plant-based path with some diner-style brekkie at the Wallflower. Their Eggless Omelette plate is a vegan breakfast dream, featuring  Pan fried polenta, vegan cheddar, your choice of fillings, and hash browns, greens, and toast on the side.
Address: 2420 Main Street

Thai Cashew Cauliflower Wings from the Rolling Cashew Truck


Park yourself at this new-ish 100% vegan Vancouver food truck that's dishing up some seriously crave-able eats like their Thai Cashew Cauliflower Wings.
Address: Find the truck using the Street Food App or following them on social media

Vegan high tea at Neverland Tea Salon


No need to say no thank you to a lovely afternoon tea thanks to Neverland's lovely vegan menu. Savories include Thai red curry chickpea salad and BBQ jackfruit mini sandwiches, an array of vegan sweets, and even non-dairy cream for scones.
Address: 3066 West Broadway

Poutine at MeeT


Need to cozy up to some serious comfort eats? The poutine at MeeT meets your cravings and your plant-based preferences. Not only does MeeT have three locations (they've just expanded to add an outpost in Yaletown) but they also have three kinds of poutine: the basic TeeM Poutine (savory cashew miso gravy, house feta, mozza), BC Poutine (butter chikkin creamy tomato curry, gravy, mozza and feta, topped with curried salsa), and Kimchi Poutine (house gravy, soy ginger sauce, kimchi, and shredded nori strips).
Address: 3 Vancouver locations; check website for details

Rollercoaster Bowl at Chomp


Chomp has packed up from their Fraser Street spot and moved into new digs on Hastings, where they are doing dine-in and take-out along with meal delivery service. They've got great grub, but their Rollercoaster Bowl (quinoa, spinach, beetroot, carrots, seasoned chickpeas, dried tart cranberries, zucchini spirals, sprouts) is a beautiful fresh heaping of veggie goodness.
Address: 2234 East Hastings Street

Lox Toast at Roots & Fruits


Looks like smoked salmon (lox)'s definitely not. Vancouver is crushing hard on Roots & Fruit's carrot-as-lox toast, made with smoked carrot lox, dill cashew cheese, raw onion, capers, and nori.
Address: 848 Powell Street

Cinnamon Buns from Cartems

 Photo courtesy CartemsPhoto courtesy Cartems

With a light, airy texture, Cartems has rolled out a new treat that stands out from the pack, and, as a wonderful bonus, these Cinnamon Buns happen to also be vegan. Sweet! They make the buns with their yeast dough, using a thin layer of coconut oil to meld the dough and cinnamon sugar mixture. They use their house caramel, and top the buns with chopped pecans.

Address: 3 Vancouver locations; check website for details

Hafla from Chickpea

 Photo by Lindsay William-RossPhoto by Lindsay William-Ross

Hafla isn't a dish, it's a way of eating, and it's one incredible way to stuff your face with Mediterranean vegan eats. Each person at the table picks a main, which comes with an array of sides like salad, hummus, and chickpea fries. Plus you get a bunch of sides for the table--things like baba ganoush, beet salad, pickled veg, and more. An absolute must-have feast.
Address: 4298 Main Street

Spicy Creamy Vegan Ramen from Jinya


Take the edge of a chilly Vancouver day with a steaming hot bowl of ramen. Jinya makes one of the city's favourite vegan versions of the comforting noodle soup. In your bowl is veggie broth packed with tofu, onion, green onion, spinach, crispy onion, garlic chips, garlic oil, chili oil, sesame seeds and thick noodles.


2 locations in Vancouver and 1 in Burnaby; see website for details.

The Sunny Side at Virtuous Pie


Sure, you know Virtuous Pie for their plant-based pizzas (that Stranger Wings, though...) but did you know they do brunch, too? Check out their weekend morning offerings, including the Sunny Side: House-made brioche bun, 33 Acres Brewing chorizo patty, scrambled tofu, jack cheese, cashew Hollandaise, chipotle aioli, and oven dried tomatoes, and served with a side of Cajun Tater Tots.

Address: 583 Main Street