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Popular brunch and donut spot adding new Vancouver cafe location

Featuring "morning treats to late night eats."
If you've already got a wildly successful pair of brunch and donut concepts called Bruncheria and Donuteria, why not call your new Vancouver coffee, donuts and "so much more" spot Cofeteria?

About four years back, Bruncheria exploded onto the local foodie scene, giving folks in New Westminster a new spot for brunch eats and treats. By 2021, some major changes had gone down: Bruncheria had moved to Sapperton and added a "beer garden" giving the venture a new day-to-night vibe, and the vacated space became home to its Donuteria, a cafe with handmade donuts. 

The wildly popular donut spot was the result of a teaming up of Dan Birsan, Bruncheria's owner and Jon Goodridge, owner and chief donut-maker of the former pop-up donut biz, Royal City. Ultimately, Goodridge passed the torch to Birsan, whose Donuteria is a major draw in Metro Vancouver for the sweet, doughy treats.

Now, donuts look to be at the core of yet another Birsan venture, called Cofeteria, which is moving in at 4363 Main St in Vancouver.

Cofeteria is revamping the space that had been home to indie pizza spot Trilussa for about a decade prior. 

A website for the new venue on Main Street features golden-fried donuts prominently, and the sliver of an image of what looks to be some kind of breakfast-y dish with nuts, a crepe, meat, and fresh fruit. There's also a countdown clock that points to a launch of some sort set for Nov. 15. 

The Instagram page for Cofeteria ( describes the new spot as "morning treats to late night eats," making it perhaps a combo of what Bruncheria and Donuteria are best known for. Cofeteria also promises "coffee and so much more."

Signage is up at Cofeteria, and the location will be "opening soon." Hours are listed as 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.