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Downtown Vancouver pizza place reopens after car 'violently crashed' through front entrance

It took three months to get it back into working order

After nearly three months, Pacifico Pizza restaurant in downtown Vancouver is once again fully open.

The pizzeria at 970 Smithe St. has been at partial capacity since Sept. 9, after it was badly damaged by a car that drove through the entrance. The restaurant is now back at full capacity.

"A vehicle violently crashed through our front entrance severely damaging the front entry, lounge, and bar," restaurant management describes in an email.

The incident injured three people. The driver of the car and a cyclist received only minor injuries according to the Vancouver Police Department at the time, but a man in the restaurant wasn't so lucky.

"Unfortunately, a patron was struck and injured by the vehicle and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition," states Pacifico. "But incredibly he has almost fully recovered and has already joined us again to enjoy his favourite meal."

They add that, given it was a busy Saturday, it's lucky no one else was injured. The car smashed the front entrance and stopped a few feet into the restaurant.

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