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‘Parting with a piece of ourselves’: Family-run Vancouver yogurt shop announces closure

"Opening a cozy yogurt shop was our dream...and we poured our hearts and hopes into every scoop and swirl."
On Yogurt, which served rolled yogurt treats, has closed its downtown Vancouver location as of June 23, 2024.

After nine years of serving up rolled froyo and other treats, Vancouver's On Yogurt has closed.

Owners of the family-run shop locked up for the last time on Sunday, June 23 at On Yogurt's Smithe Street location, not far from BC Place.

On Yogurt was known for its array of frozen treats. The owners introduced Vancouver to rolled frozen yogurt and ice cream and had a variety of interesting desserts on the menu, like flash-frozen ice cream and bubble waffles.

The impending end of On Yogurt was noted in May when the business posted on Instagram that the owners had decided to sell in part due to family issues.

"The life change has pushed us to make the decision to seek for a different work mode instead of working fixed and long hours in the store," they wrote, adding the process was hampered by the building's management.

However, it appears they managed to sell, as they announced this past weekend that they'd close on June 23.

"This decision feels like parting with a piece of ourselves, yet we embrace the opportunity for new beginnings as we approach a new decade in life," they shared on social media.

On Yogurt played an important role in their lives, they noted, as they were just engaged when it opened and now they're a family of four.

"Opening a cozy yogurt shop was our dream fresh out of campus, and we poured our hearts and hopes into every scoop and swirl," reads the post. " From long lines eagerly awaiting desserts to quiet hours spent reflecting, each moment has been cherished."

On Sunday, they posted a final farewell, noting that with the last day comes "extreme sadness."

"Hard to say goodbye, we almost burst into tears when looking at the memories in this little shop, it’s like our first baby," said the owners.

That said, they're excited about the future.

"We pressed the pause button of a chapter which is hard and sad, but we are more excited about the new page unfolding in front of us!"

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