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At last: Squamish's beloved Fergie's is ready to re-open

Destroyed by fire in 2018, Fergie’s is partially-re-opening this week, with a full opening to follow.

 Fergie’s Cafe/Facebook

Squamish and Metro Vancouver foodies will be heartened to hear that while it is a soft launch, it is a launch nonetheless: Fergie's Café opens for lawn service on Friday, Sept. 6 in what the restaurant is calling a Fergie's Warm Up, a spokeswoman for the popular eatery told The Chief.

The kitchen is open, but the restaurant still needs a few finishing touches. In the meantime, the outdoor feel locals and visitors loved before the building was destroyed in a fire April 3, 2018 will be back.

The soft launch, which will see meals served from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily, is a way to thank Squamish for being patient during the rebuilding and also a way to work out the kinks before an official opening, which is still anticipated for this fall, Katharine Manson said.

"While Fergie’s Cafe waits for a few important details of the building to be complete, they are inviting the community of Squamish to help the team warm up as they prepare for the official opening. The kitchen is ready — those wanting a taste of their beloved dishes can enjoy brunch on the lawn and experience the Fergie’s outdoor dining they have been missing," Manson told The Chief in an email on Thursday.

 Rendering of the final look of the new Fergie's. Image courtesy Fergie's CafeRendering of the final look of the new Fergie’s. Image courtesy Fergie’s Cafe

While once again eating on the grounds of the Sunwolf Riverside Resort will be familiar, some things have changed. Access to Fergie’s will now be by following the wooden walkway from the parking lot to Fergie’s.

The cafe is now providing table service, not the former counter service. Guests will also be greeted and seated by a host, so it is no longer seat-yourself.

Also, access to parking has changed to the first entrance.

Follow Fergie’s on Instagram (@fergiescafesquamish) for more details of what’s new.

Fergie's is located 70002 Squamish Valley Rd