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Finally: An excuse to order pizza every day for a week

Vancouver among cities getting a-pizza the action of new week-long pizza fest 🍕🍕🍕
La Pizza Week 3
Restaurants across Canada - including in Metro Vancouver - will take part in the new La Pizza Week, a week-long celebration of local restaurants serving pizza

For one glorious week this spring, Vancouverites will be encouraged to order up as much pizza as possible as part of a new food "event" aimed at supporting local restaurants.

Courtesy the same people behind the popular annual La Poutine Week and Le Burger Week is - you guessed it - La Pizza Week. From May 1 and 7, 2021, hundreds of restaurants across Canada will fire up their ovens and get the dough rolling for this saucy celebration - and Vancouver restaurants will be taking part.

The premise of La Pizza Week, much like that of its predecessors, is simple: Local restaurants sign up to be included and pizza fans are encouraged to try as many of the slices and pies as they can. The fest offers local businesses the chance to get a boost in clientele through the unified front of La Pizza Week. Also: Pizza is awesome.

As we remain in a pandemic, the participating restaurants will have their pizza available for delivery and take-out. 

“Coming after our biggest festival ever with La Poutine Week, we’re excited about the timing," said La Pizza Week co-founder Na’eem Adam. "The feedback we got from restaurants and fans was overwhelmingly positive and we wanted to contribute to our mission even more; help local restaurant communities."

The Quebec-based event is currently signing up restaurants for the inaugural La Pizza Week; expect an announcement later this month with all the Vancouver participants so you can get a "pizza" the action.