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As mentioned in the First Food Fair Friday , I really like food fairs...if you work downtown too, it's just what you do.

As mentioned in the First Food Fair Friday, I really like food fairs...if you work downtown too, it's just what you do.  When I first started working downtown, I made a valiant effort to sit in the lunch room with my tupperware full of leftover,s and listen to my co-workers bitch.  After a few weeks though, I was over it and my quest for the best food fair in the city began.

This week I went to Royal Center.  I first found out about this place years ago, it housed my favourite movie theatre in the city.....


It showed real good movies cheap and it was dead, 'Drugstore Cowboy', 'Say Anything', 'Do the Right Thing' may great movies I saw there.  This was also the first place where I saw a movie by myself, a small but very empowering moment in my life.  There's nothing wrong with going to a movie by I found out years later, going to Playland on the other hand, by yourself, does make you a loser.  It's the self-reflecting in the lines that'll really do you in....

The movie theatre eventually closed down which was sad, but it was remodeled and now is the home of something else I really love, a food fair.

Rice and Spice is the real headliner here, usually when you go out to Indian food it's not cheap, there I go again comparing everything to Chinese food.  At the Rice and Spice you pretty much can't physically eat ten bucks worth.  They have a stamp program too which keeps you coming back.  I usually go two items vegetarian and it's real close to my $6 budget.  Just as a point of reference, $6 is the new $5 downtown.  The quality of food is very good, and I kinda like seeing my options in front of me before ordering, it makes me try new things.


Note photo taken at 10am....