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From Pops to swirls: New modern ice cream truck launching in Vancouver

You love their gourmet popsicles, soon they'll be swirling handmade ice cream.
One of the flavours Johnny's Creamery will be swirling out of its new ice cream truck will be matcha

One of Vancouver's favourite gourmet ice pop sellers is gearing up to start swirling. Johnny's Pops is also getting into the ice cream biz, and is launching a new truck, Johnny's Creamery, this month.

Featuring "100% handmade churned swirls" sweetened with real cane syrup, the venture will be swirling soft serve from an as-yet announced spot along Vancouver's Main Street, according to the Johnny's Creamery Instagram (@johnnyscreamery). 

As part of being in pre-launch mode, Johnny's Creamery is getting its truck wrapped in fun summery colours with geometric patterns and is finalizing recipes for ice cream. The treat-maker recently teased a test swirl of a matcha flavour that already has ice cream fans clamouring for a taste.

Johnny's Creamery also indicates it will have vegan options on the menu. 

Johnny's Pops first starting peddling its gourmet popsicles in 2013, and they also do actual pedal - the popsicle carts are bicycle-powered.

Known for its more "grown up" roster of flavours, like rhubarb elderflower, avocado, and blueberry mojito, Johnny's Pops sets up at farmers' markets and events all around Vancouver. 

Stay tuned for an official launch date for the new Johnny's Creamery venture.