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Vancouver's traditional Irish chipper gets sit-down Downtown restaurant space

The Frying Irishman has been a fan favourite for fried fare to go
Formerly a take-away only, ex-pat fave Irish chipper, The Frying Irishman, has announced it will be serving its chips, burgers, and more out of a downtown Vancouver Irish pub

A popular take-out restaurant specializing in golden-fried Irish fare, like Curry Chips, Battered Sausage, and Potato Pie, is making the move to a sit-down space in Downtown Vancouver.

The Frying Irishman has been dishing up its traditional Irish chipper fare out of 1605 W 5th Ave in Kitsilano since 2021. 

Now the biz that offers many an Irish expat in Vancouver a deep-fried taste of home is picking up for a move across town to 1082 Granville St, home to Donnellan's Irish Pub. The two Irish food businesses have joined forces. 

The lively Downtown Vancouver Irish pub has been serving up pints since 2017 and is part of the IRL restaurant group. 

"The ultimate Irish partnership has arrived," announced The Frying Irishman and Donnellan's on Monday, Feb. 26.

The first day of business for The Frying Irishman at Donnellan's is set for Friday, March 1. 

"Our decision to move stems from the overwhelming feedback from our loyal customers who have expressed a desire to experience our food in a seated environment," shared The Frying Irishman on its social media. 

Fans of the Irish chipper will be pleased to know the new sit-down restaurant will have the same menu as the OG take-away with a few key additions.

"We are thrilled to announce that Guinness will be available on tap, allowing you to pair your favourite food with a perfectly poured pint," shared The Frying Irishman over the weekend; no surprise, given Donnellan's bar set-up.

The Frying Irishman also noted that its food menu will grow to include "home favourites such as McDonnells curry sauce" and "some new traditional Irish dishes."

Not to be confused with a British fish and chips shop, an Irish chipper is a cultural touchstone for residents of the Emerald Isle. Hallmarks of a proper Irish chipper include large portions, curry sauce, and no mushy peas on the menu. While it seems like they fry just about anything, the menu is typically confined to Irish staples, like batter burgers and chips with all kinds of toppings and dips (but particularly Irish curry sauce) with plenty of salt and vinegar on hand - perfect to pair with pals and a pint.

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