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Global udon restaurant opening soon in downtown Vancouver

Opening day for the highly-anticipated arrival of the Japanese noodle restaurant is on the horizon

It's been almost exactly a year since Marugame Udon revealed it would be making its Canadian debut here in Vancouver.

The global brand boasts a presence in eight countries with over 1,000 locations but has yet to dish up its signature Sanuki-style udon noodles in Canada.

Marugame Udon has been transforming the space at 589 Beatty St in Downtown Vancouver, and while an opening date has not been set, it seems an opening is nearer on the horizon than ever before. Located at the corner of Beatty and Dunsmuir, Marugame Udon had previously used 111 Dunsmuir as its address; the restaurant is actually occupying the space that had long been in the Ricky's brand family, most recently home to a Fatburger and Famoso. 

The restaurant is known for its "theatre-like atmosphere where noodles are hand-cut and boiled on the spot," in full view of the guests, according to a media release from Marugame Udon. 

Those noodles are the thick, chewy, springy udon noodles that have brought Marugame to global prominence. "Sanuki-style udon is a specific type of udon noodle originating from Japan’s Kagawa Prefecture, formerly known as the Sanuki region, and is one of the most popular and widely recognized udon varieties in Japan," describes the restaurant. "Sanuki-style udon is made from a simple combination of high-quality wheat flour, water, and salt."

Marugame aims to set themselves apart with their udon texture - which they describe as "slightly firmer" than those of other udon-makers. The noodles are served with soups and a variety of toppings for what they say is "a culinary experience that engages multiple senses."

Though the menu details are not fully firmed up yet for Marugame Udon's first foray into Canada, we are promised "a selection of signature udon bowls and golden-fried tempura with several vegetarian options, all offered at an approachable price point in a lively and immersive setting."

"We are thrilled to introduce Marugame Udon to the vibrant city of Vancouver. Our goal is to foster cultural exchange through the rich and authentic flavours of Sanuki-style udon and tempura, offering a truly unique culinary experience" said Victor Hisao Misawa, President, and General Manager, Marugame Udon International.

 V.I.A. will provide updates with information about Marugame Udon's opening day in Vancouver. You can follow @marugamecanada on Instagram as well. 

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