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Japanese 'cheese tart' shop opening first Vancouver location

More cheesy, custard-y, creamy goodness from Japan is headed to Vancouver soon 🍰
Pablo Cheese Tart specializes in Japanese cheesecake.

The "cheesecake war" has been waging for years now in Japan and one top contender for the best in creamy, custard-y, cheesy goodness in a flaky pastry shell is Pablo, the "cheese tart" brand named in honour of artist Pablo Picasso.

Pablo Cheese Tart has been operating franchises in Canada for a few years now but has yet to crack the B.C. market - that is, until this year, when the first Vancouver location is set to open this summer near City Hall at 511 West Broadway.

The Japanese cheesecake business made the announcement Jan. 4 with a post on social media revealing their Vancouver location details:

According to food fans, Pablo's cheesecakes have amassed a "cult following" in Japan since their launch about a decade ago and has led to Osaka becoming known as the place to go in the country for the best cheesecake.

Pablo calls their creation a "cheese tart" and offers them in full or mini sizes, as well as in specialty flavours, including some options that are distinct to the region; in Canada, though locations in Toronto, Edmonton, and Calgary, Pablo has a classic cheese tart with apricot glaze, as well as matcha, chocolate, or "premium" (with a burnt sugar topping).

Much like another big player in the Japanese cheesecake scene, Uncle Tetsu, Pablo stamps their creations with their logo, too. 

Uncle Tetsu is one of the most recognizable Japanese cheesecake brands currently operating in Vancouver, though you can also score the specialty item at places like Bake 49, Castella, and Kekko

Pablo Cheese Tart also has other items on the menu at their Canadian café locations, like smoothies and other drinks, Japanese breads and baked goods, and creations showcasing their cheesecake filling, like "cheese cups" with fruit or other sweet toppings.

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