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Japanese specialty market opening second Downtown Vancouver store

"This location will be a huge convenience for people who live in downtown [and who want] to buy Japanese snacks."
Daruma, which opened in Jan. 2023 inside Parq Vancouver, sells Japanese import snacks and groceries like chips, candies, and bottled drinks. The business is opening a second, larger store in the same hotel/casino building with a grand opening on May 18, 2024

Locally-based Japanese convenience store chain Daruma is expanding its reach in Downtown Vancouver, but fans of all kinds of imported snacks and drinks won't have to go far to find the business' second location in the city.

That's because Daruma is opening its second Vancouver store in the same building as the first

With a small shop inside the JW Marriott/Parq Vancouver up and running for over a year now, owners of the Japanese convenience store mini-chain are excited to be offering even more options and have added a second - and bigger - store in the hotel.

"This new opening is also on the first floor of the JW Marriott, but in a different location," a representative for the company tells V.I.A. by email. "The store will be bigger in size and the range of products in the store will be much richer than the previous store."

And, yes, they're keeping the smaller store, too. 

"This location will be a huge convenience for people who live in downtown [and who want] to buy Japanese snacks," added Daruma's rep. 

Daruma debuted in Richmond in November 2022 before adding its first Vancouver mini-store inside the hotel and casino.

Since then, Daruma has expanded in Richmond as well as in South Delta (with a large shop inside Tsawwassen Mills mall). 

Daruma sells a vast array of Japanese products, particularly snack foods like chips, crackers, and candies, as well as beverages and groceries.

Owner Yuki Ma shared with Glacier Media in 2022 that she fell in love with the culture when she travelled to Japan, and convenience stores are an integral part of the experience.

The bigger Daruma at the JW Marriott/Parq Vancouver (39 Smithe St) will hold its grand opening celebration on Saturday, May 18 at 10 a.m.

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