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Watch: 'Killer' new real fruit ice cream shop now open in Vancouver

"We’re redefining dessert culture in Vancouver, and ushering in a sparkling new era in ice cream history."

A new ice cream shop is now swirling in Vancouver's beachy Kitsilano area. 

Killer Ice Cream is the project of muralist and graphic artist Leslie Phelan Glik and her husband, German Glik. According to the Killer Ice Cream website and the artist's own Instagram, the Toronto native says the new shop "represents the coming together of passions – for whales, for art, for ice cream; and for the love of carving out a bit of time each day to immerse yourself in the uncomplicated enjoyment of the little moments that add up to a sweet life."

Located at 3659 W 4th Ave, Glik says they "fell in love with this bright little shop space at the point on West 4th Avenue where Kitsilano and West Point Grey meet."

After several months of preparation, Killer Ice Cream opened on May 26. 

"At long last, the papered windows have come down, our doors are open and we’re all set to serve up the finest real fruit ice cream in Van City!" shared owners on social media.

Glik calls the shop "the perfect blank canvas" where she can "bring her design ideas to life, surrounded by an active beach-side neighbourhood that would surely be the ideal health-minded community to appreciate Killer Ice Cream’s unique brand of natural decadence."

The Killer menu: Ice cream, frozen yogurt, or vegan base swirled with fruit

To that end, the menu for Killer Ice Cream (the "killer" a nod to killer whales, aka orcas) is based on pairing a base of either vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt made with B.C. milk, or plant-based cashew-coconut. The base is swirled with fresh fruit like peach, strawberry, or banana, or herbs like basil or mint and comes in waffle cones in three size options or a cup.

"We’re redefining dessert culture in Vancouver, and ushering in a sparkling new era in ice cream history," declares Glik on her Instagram. 

Killer Ice Cream's co-founder "set out to create an ice cream experience that is a sweet departure from the everyday scoop shop, and a deliciously brilliant option for discerning ice cream lovers who only tangle with the best when it comes to the food they give themselves, their families, and their loved ones," elaborates the business' website.

The new shop owners got the keys to the 1,800-square-foot store in early December and have been hard at work transforming the space, which features colourful mural art and graphics by Glik herself. 

A side mission of the shop is to "raise funds for killer whale protection agencies and non-profits like Double Bay Sanctuary, which is currently engaged in the building of an ocean-side retirement home for theme park orcas in Blackfish Bay, B.C."

Follow @killer.icecream.kitsilano on Instagram for more info and updates.

Video: Killer Ice Cream swirls up fresh fruit ice cream in Kitsilano

@forkingawesomevia Just in time for summer…a new ice cream shop is open in Vancouver near the beach in Kitsilano. Choose your base & freah fruit swirl ins. Plant based option available too! #forkingawesome #vancouverbc #icecream ♬ Honey - chihiro

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