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8 Vancouver restaurants selling DIY Caesar kits, perfect for National Caesar Day

There is no official way to celebrate National Caesar Day, except of course the special day is traditionally observed by drinking Caesars
Caesar Cocktail with Lime, Celery and ice. Photo: GMVozd/Getty Images

Hail, Caesar! Canada’s unofficial official drink also has an unofficial official celebratory "day" for honouring this classic cocktail.

National Caesar Day was first launched in 2015, and it happens annually now on the Thursday before Canada’s May Long Weekend–which means this year we'll be raising our glasses on May 14. 

The Caesar is attributed to barman Walter Chell, who came up with the drink at the Calgary Inn back in 1969. As prepared traditionally, a Caesar is made with vodka, Clamato juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and comes in a celery salt-rimmed glass garnished with lemon or lime, and a celery stalk.

Of course, varieties, riffs, nods, and the like abound for Canada’s beloved Caesar. Here in Vancouver, you can get it made with gin, tequila, or even whisky, with all sorts of flavour boosts and twists–we’re talking spicy beans, pickles, bacon strips, pepperoni sticks, all the way to garnishes that are basically an entire dinner for four (Score on Davie, that's YOU).

There is no official way to celebrate National Caesar Day, except of course the special day is traditionally observed by drinking Caesars.

This year, however, is significantly different. If you want to raise a glass or two to Caesar for its 51st birthday, you'll have to go the DIY route, with bars and restaurants across the province closed due to COVID-19. 

If you don't have your own Caesar recipe in your back pocket, you can lean on some of Vancouver's restaurants who are offering Caesar kits for pick-up or delivery. Take note, if the kit features alcohol, you will have to include food in your order per B.C. rules. But who says you can't have a Caesar-fuelled Thursday brunch, lunch, or dinner at home? Okay, fine...a few of the places offering Caesar kits have them on their weekend brunch menus, so you may have to wait a couple more days to celebrate Canada's favourite cocktail.

grilled-chaesar-score-davie-vancouverThe Grilled Chaesar from Score is available in a take-out kit. Photo: Score on Davie/Facebook

Here are 8 places to get DIY Caesar kits in Vancouver:

Score on Davie

Known for their epic Caesar creations loaded with garnishes enough to make a meal, Score on Davie has a trio of "Food Caesars" you can order up from the restaurant, available from their brunch menu. The Ain't No Thing comes with hot wings and onion rings for garnish, the Royale With Chaesar comes with a cheeseburger, pickle, and onion rings, and the Grilled Chaesar comes with a grilled cheese sandwich, deep-fried pickle, and onion rings. Watch this cheeky video they made to show the kits in action. 

Provence Marinaside

Among the many offerings this Yaletown staple spot has is a Caesar kit, complete with Stoli vodka and Vancouver's own Walter Caesar mix. Find it under the "Grocery Store" section's category for "Kits."

Belgard Kitchen & Havana

These sibling spots have a Walter Caesar Kit available at both locations. Each order includes signature glass rim, Havana spice mix, pickled veg garnish, Water Caesar mix, and lime.

Tap & Barrel

There are two Caesar kits on Tap & Barrel's take-out menu; both contain Smirnoff vodka, Clamato, limes, signature Caesar mix, olives, and pepperoncinis. The "Regular" is sized for six servings, while the "Party" version makes 16 servings.

Local Public Eatery

Local is offering curbside pick-up and delivery via DoorDash from their Kits and Gastown locations. If you order from their "Corner Store" marketplace, you will find an El Caesar kit to spice up your brunch with an at-home cocktail - plus, all you need to put together Eggs Benedict for two, or an epic "Farmer's Breakfast" of eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, and toast - you do the cooking. 

Wallflower Diner

This vegetarian and vegan-friendly eatery is continuing to offer take-out and delivery, and they also offer a Caesar kit.

Fresh Prep

This isn't a restaurant, but Vancouver-based meal prep business Fresh Prep has just launched Caesar fixings via their "add-ons" menu for meal subscribers. Get Walter Caesar mix and rim, as well as local Kaylin and Hobbs pickles to jazz up your at-home Caesar-ing.