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New casual 'Snack Shop' restaurant opening soon in Richmond

Fried chicken, corn dogs, and spicy macaroni salad are coming right up.
8180 Westminster Hwy in Richmond was home to Green Lemongrass restaurant. Now the space is set to become the casual modern spot Uncle's Snack Shop.

What do you do when your modern Asian restaurant is under construction in Vancouver? You open a casual snack-inspired Richmond spot, of course.

Fine, that's not the obvious path to go down, but some of the folks behind the upcoming Saola on Main Street have been hard at work doing renovations and recipe testing to launch Uncle's Snack Shop in Richmond - and they're looking to get the doors open soon.

Uncle's Snack Shop has moved into 8180 Westminster Hwy, in the space that had previously been Green Lemongrass. The licensed space has - in non-pandemic times - seating for 114. 

Among those ripping down the decor inside Uncle's have been Vancouver-born actor and producer Osric Chau (Supernatural), trained-chef and seasoned hospitality veteran Kevin Lin (you can watch the progress on Instagram). 

Lin has also been hard at work in the kitchen perfecting recipes for casual, snack-worthy eats, like fried chicken, corn dogs, and a spicy macaroni salad. 

The counter-service eatery could be in its soft open phase as soon as this week; you'll want to follow @unclessnackshop on Instagram for the latest updates.